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Worst ever purchases?



  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,891Member Uncommon

    1) GW2, was bored after a week

    2) SWtor even after the beta I was like meh, only thing I did after 2 weeks in was log in to send my companions out for supplies

    3) TERA awful, didnt last the first month

    4) Diablo 3, at least had fun for a while til I hit inferno

  • arctarusarctarus nilPosts: 2,577Member Uncommon

    Vanguard: SOH, even the manual is in alpha pics!



    RIP Orc Choppa

  • boxsndboxsnd Kraxton, ARPosts: 438Member Uncommon

    1) GW2. Not only did I buy it myself but I hyped friends and family to buy it too. None of us lasted more than a month.

    2) AoC. Uninstalled at level 15. That's how bad it was.

    3) WAR. It could have been great if they didn't try to WoWify it. It could still be good if they went F2P right now. It's a damn shame.

    DAoC - Excalibur & Camlann

  • nerbonnerbon kickapooPosts: 28Member
    warhammer online but gw 2 is pretty close second
  • NierroNierro Palo Alto, CAPosts: 1,755Member Uncommon
    GW2 was my worst MMO purchase.

  • bliss14bliss14 eleva, WIPosts: 572Member Uncommon
    Rift.  Dropped 70 bucks on it, played for about 2 weeks and quit.  I was leaving WoW and looking for something different and thought this was it for some reason.  Could not keep my interest.  I understand it's alot better now but I just can't go back.
  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,255Member Uncommon
    Actually I should add Tabula Rasa to mine.  I really liked the game in beta.  Bought it and meant to play it soon after it was released because I was very busy at the time.  By time I got ready to play it, it went under :(

  • JackdogJackdog Charleston, SCPosts: 6,321Member Uncommon

    1. WoW - played a mage to lvl 20, the last 19 and three quarters levels were boring as hell

    2. Horizons - gave the game 90 days. Which was 89 days and 23 hours and 55 minutes more of my life than I should have

    3. AoC - I lie and tell people the only reason I purchased that steaming heap was I had a 105 temperature and I was delusional when I bought it

    I see some here are admitting to buying D&L but thankfully no one gave money to the Mourning scammers, or at least they will not admit it


    I miss DAoC

  • littlemonkeylittlemonkey Tampa, FLPosts: 61Member Common

    Anarchy Online.

  • KazuhiroKazuhiro Hampshire, AZPosts: 579Member Uncommon
    I'm tempted to say Warhammer Online Collector's Edition. However I bought 4 of them and resold 2 of them for $200 each. So I actually made money off them in the end. Still the other two are on my shelf collecting dust. Horrible horrible abysmal garbage of a game. This event alone lead to me never buying a collector's edition of any game ever again. Not even for skyrim.

    To find an intelligent person in a PUG is not that rare, but to find a PUG made up of "all" intelligent people is one of the rarest phenomenons in the known universe.

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Magnetia
    Dawn of War II + Expansions

    Definitely.  DoW > DoW 2

  • fivorothfivoroth LondonPosts: 3,914Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Howry
    Guild Wars 2 for me.   I never had the opportunity to Beta it so I didnt know what to expect. Horrible game IMO.   The one thing I will give them credit for is they gave me my money back and they never closed my account. Sadly I have played maybe 1 hour since initial release and them giving me a refund.   I just cant make myself play.

    What I don't understand is how people can play a game for just 1 hour and call it a day. I mean surely you won't be able to see much if you only played an hour. I am not saying that GW2 is great or anything but I think any game you buy deserves more than just an hour to see the game. This is especially true for MMOs which are slow to pick up in teh beginning. In like an hour all you will see are the tutorials probably. In EVE for exampe you would spend only 1 hour to read the tips lol. 

    Mission in life: Vanquish all trolls - especially TESO, WOW and GW2 trolls.

  • sorezsorez BillericayPosts: 39Member

    1. Dark & Light - What was I thinking, I even found a golden egg in the prelaunch settlers game for a lifetime free sub, alot of good that did me...

    2. Vanguard - Played for 2 days.. rubbish

    3. STO - Even after closed beta testing it, I still bought it *sigh*

    Lucky escapes - swtor, beta tested it and knew not to purchase

    Plus the many many years of wasted subs on SWG, Still miss that game on occasion


  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Champaign, ILPosts: 1,681Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by 3-4thElf
    Final Fantasy XIV CE... Out of that box I did get a really cool notepad. And a shit game.

    lolz.  my friend gave me the game and i feel robbed of one notepad now.  lolz

  • tomato_kwantomato_kwan calgary, ABPosts: 44Member

    1) The Secret World (What can I say.....the trailers are so much better than the game play -- too much better, in fact)

    2) AoC (way too many bugs at debut; population becomes non existence when it's finally fixed)

    3) Diablo 3 (If you are a true diablo fan, you should know what I mean)

  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,255Member Uncommon
    I had a friend who would login to a game to try it and pronounce it crap within 2 or 3 minutes.  Sad really, never giving it a real chance.

  • MarirranyaMarirranya Ortario, OHPosts: 154Member


    Diablo 3


    im not saying i wouldnt buy it again... dunno why but i like buying games even though i dont play them xD

    i guess i like to comfort myself at the fact that atleast i have it and tried to play it heh



    There are people who play games and then there are gamers.

  • AbimorAbimor McAllen, TexasPosts: 388Member Uncommon

    Swtor: I bought this even know I really did not like it. All my friends were raving how it was the second coming  then they all quit on me.

    wow: I bought wow after the burning crusade came out and I just did not get in to it I lasted till lvl 15 or so. I am not saying it wasnt  a great game I just never got into it.


  • eHugeHug HamburgPosts: 253Member Uncommon



    Diablo 3

    Those 3 games were the worst mmmorpg (yes i know d3 is not really one) purchases I ever did. Even "Istaria" was more fun to play that them.

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  • sketocafesketocafe StoupaPosts: 948Member Uncommon

    Been trying to think of one and can't really. Even crap like WAR I played enough and enjoyed parts of it. Diablo III would be my choice but I got a refund for that mess.

    The only other thing that springs to mind is Dragon Age 2, which I played for maybe 10 minutes, past the intro with a completely foreign combat system and up to the part where you pick your race, I mean the part where you're a human. However, I rented that from Blockbuster while I had that 20ish a month plan and you don't pay for actual rentals. Actually, Dragon Age 2 did save me from touching SWTOR at release. I tried TOR later, when they added the trial up to lvl 15, I had some crazy idea that  a jedi should wear robes and kill people with one lightsaber. So tried to pick a class as close as I could to that, got my first robes, noticed my GIANT ASS and immediately shut that shit down with task manager and uninstalled. 

    Thanks for being awful, DA2.

  • AbimorAbimor McAllen, TexasPosts: 388Member Uncommon
    I forgot Sto the game was kinda fun but not being able to go straight up or down in space combat was silly.
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