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[Column] Neverwinter: Hope & Fear All at Once



  • AkumawraithAkumawraith Fort wayne, INPosts: 370Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ambros123
    Originally posted by Lovely_Laly
    BETA = painfull test you done at your own time, full of alg = little pleasure, IMO. I have no idea who and why can pay for beta test on himself.=D Beside 200$ for ANY game is too much, even if it's a very good game. My WoW standard tell me that in case game cost 200$ + even optional, 15$ per month must be 100% same quality as WoW  I have no idea how to find out game quality from beta test. I have huge doubt this game can be even to WoW (when great names like Tera, GW2, Aion etc failed). I guess I don't even want to try it for free as it sound like unfair money trap already. Good luck with hypo and one more "innovative" Asian MMO.

    For the record this isn't an asian MMO and wish people will get it through their heads.  Neverwinter was already a finished product before PWE came into the picture and allowed Cryptic to develope the game more.  When they did Cryptics was the one doing all the designing and artwork.  Bout the only influence PWE is financial backing and probobly Cash Shop elements.

    Cryptic has'nt had a decent game in ages if ever, they have systematically srewed up every game theyve touched. As for PWE's involvement in the "cash shop"..... ever play Eden Eternal, PWI or any other PWE game? they are wallet destroyers. you P2W in those games and unfortunately they plan on doing the same to neverwinter. Not looking forward to this team up and never will. I learned my lesson with STO I will not make the same mistake again. I Paid 285 to Star Citizen and another 500 for my wife and I for Citadel of Sorcery and those are still in Developement. You may ask  "why pay for a game thats still in developement?"

    Its simple. They arent being developed by Blizzard, Cryptic, Bioware, EA, PWE or any of these other half assed game developers. Cris Roberts is a known Game legend from his days of creating Wing Commander and following it with Freelancer.. He has a proven record of success in gaming. Citadel of Sorcery is doing things different and not catering to the big wigs.. yet....But it offers much of what ive wanted to see in an MMO.. lack of catalog quests, choose your story type questing, Open world that is an actual world.. the simple things in life but much more involved.

    If one wants to pay 200 dollars for a beta access let them, its thier money. Common sense though should tell one tat Betas are pre release bug and exploit finds... you shouldnt have to pay for it considering its a service you are doing for the developer.

    And before andyone says the stupid line that youre not paying for beta... yes you are.. the digital crap you get in the package isnt worth a damned dime. just because they add a price to pixels doesnt make it worth something.


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  • that trailer sucked, and whoever it was that did the narrative is sure not a gamer



  • traplinextraplinex vancouver, BCPosts: 14Member

    I recently re installed Star trek online to see the new changes, I completely forgot how janky and stunted movement in that game is, animations are awful and the controls have so little response you have to anticipate and pause between turning and moving.


     Let's not forget neverwinter is under the umbrella of cryptic, a studio that has yet to produce a triple a gaming experince, despite marketing thier titles as such. Buggy heavily instanced games with sluggish ugly user interfaces and jerky combat.

    sto still has incomplete features, a half completed faction and has yet to deliver on it's pvp.

    The Klingon faction despite 3 YEARS of promises and rhetoric is a very good indication of the mindset of cryptic and it's work ethic, I was sad to see they aquired the Neverwinter Licsense especially considering the legacy the original game had provided. Cryptic studios will do with neverwinter what it has done with all it's titles, produce a bare bones effort and rely on cash grabs and lottery income to float further medicore updates. 

    having fallen for the trap of a lifetime sub to sto, I know I wont be so quick to give cryptic money again, 3 years after blowing 200 bucks on STO, my Klingon character sits forgotten along with the rest of the faction.

  • zonzaizonzai Moonmoth, TXPosts: 358Member
    I really hope they don't go for the GW2 RNG black lion keys crap.  That's the  second worst implementation of a cash shop I've ever seen.  Just one step down from the cash shops that Perfect World Entertainment has been using for years... I think I smell something... Must be crap.
  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member
    Originally posted by zonzai
    I really hope they don't go for the GW2 RNG black lion keys crap.  That's the  second worst implementation of a cash shop I've ever seen.  Just one step down from the cash shops that Perfect World Entertainment has been using for years... I think I smell something... Must be crap.


    Oh yes, having Black Lion Chests that:

    - Contained only cosmetic / fluff items / buffs that were readily available in game

    - Were openable by drops in game

    - Were able to be sold / traded to other players

    - Stacked so they didnt take up heaps of inventory room


    Definitely the worst money grab in history I have ever seen! Honestly I just sell the keys on the marketplace when I get them as drops or as rewards for daily / monthly achievements. There is nothing in those chests that I have any interest in whatsoever.

    Haha are you even serious? Or was this just a desperate troll attempt against GW2?

    Pretty much every other game with a cash shop has done it worse than GW2. I cant think of a single cash shop that has had less items which actually impact on gameplay.

    Go have a look at EQ2, LOTRO, Aion, Age of Conan or the myriad of F2P games if you want to see games that actually rip you off or offer gameplay advantages for using the cash shop.

  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,360Member Rare

    GW2 is new, you would not expect it to have a cash shop that is as P2W as older titles. If you know all those titles that says to me you are an older player. As such you must realise that cash shops only get worse, they don't get better.

    Thats the issue here, they start OK so that the anti cash shop players are not so vocal. Then they get worse step by step.

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  • LanessarLanessar PALM HARBOR, FLPosts: 87Member

    One thing CO (another Cryptic title) doesn't do badly is the cash shop. You might be able to criticize vehicles, because those are lock-box only, but travel powers are available from level 6+ and they are "better" than vehicles in most situations. So it's really just a flavor point. The remaining items are primarily "fluff" - additional bag slots, additional character slots, costume pieces, XP buffs and some health items, many of which are available in the game as unlocks for doing this or that (in some cases, just talking to an NPC after a certain level). The point being is that nothing there is required to make a fun game experience, at all.

    The "P2W" comments must be being generated by the fact that you can't play exactly what you want to, appearance-wise, if you don't pay, or someone who does pay gets something you can't otherwise get - but it's certainly not power/PvP kills/whatever. 

    As to Cryptic making a mediocre game, at least for STO and CO, I can't argue there. There are generally lots of detailed features planned that just don't work out or get into the release. But as far as engine behavior, at least CO is a better game to play than DDO (for me). DDO has strange "pauses" for the "round" which really distract from gameplay. And activation of many abilities as a cleric have a definite delay, then an animation, then take effect. It just doesn't feel immersive.

    As far as Foundry, it's not being monetized. Which is grand. There is a limit of 8 adventures per account until you get a rated adventure (which makes sense; don't want the server glutted with unpublished content). Once you have a non-garbage adventure published, you get more slots. If all eight are rated, you will get additional slots per, from my understanding of the video.

    Added external content did extend the life of BW's NWN by quite a bit. CEP did not specifically extend it, however - CEP was a compilation of stuff which people used already. CEP came pretty late in the game's life, and was almost never used in modules when it initially released.  This is not to downplay its usefulness, for it was useful. I'd say the Stratavarius PRC pack was more "life extending". Mod builders (for the most part, be they PW or otherwise) tended to extract the assets they specifically needed. The scripting was a really big boon to module creators and PW admins, however, because things could be changed back-end to make your Harry Potter world rules, or make a magic system which worked like the WOT books (taint, etc.). But honestly, many, many many SP/MP adventures from NWN and NWN2 required NO haks or very little custom scripting to enjoy. And were highly rated.

    But the fact of the matter is that, as long as they develop the Foundry further and add more options to it, this game does have promise. That's the "if" we can't answer. But they'd be nuts just to drop that development, since it requires 1/5th the manpower to add 10x the content.

  • chaintmchaintm Chicago, ILPosts: 952Member Uncommon
    Wall of text, but all I read was CO, really?  those of us that bought into a lifetime got screw blue and tatooed? guess not.

    "The monster created isn't by the company that makes the game, it's by the fans that make it something it never was"

  • HorrorScopeHorrorScope Norcal, CAPosts: 599Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by korvass
    I don't know why people keep bitching about STO. I log in once or twice a week and have a great time. Foundry access, ships, two characters, and I haven't paid a single cent.   Then again, I'm a PVEer and roleplayer. I don't PVP, and I don't give a crap about 'leet gear', lockboxes, or trying to 'win'. (By the way, you can't actually win at MMOs). All that for zero cash expenditure. Bargain!

    Same here. If I play it, it will be in a static group. P2Win doesn't apply, in fact it will give us more challenge which will most likely be needed any way.

    We can all bad mouth this and that, P2P gives us all a chance "when it counts" to try it out for free and see if we like it, if not the pile grows, next game up.

    If one had an ounce of patience there are plenty of ways to get into BWE2 and BWE3, or gasp just wait until the game is released. Forget about it and look for it 6 months from now.

  • itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAPosts: 2,951Member
    Originally posted by MMOGamer71
    Originally posted by itgrowls
    As a lifetime member of STO I can tell you all now there's nothing to worry about. People were all whining and crying about how terrible STO was at launch but then PW came along and people whined even louder. NONE of the claims these whiners yelled in the forums were true about STO/PW combining forces. STO is more balanced and is not a money hog for everything like I've found GW2 post Nov 15th to be, They actually allow you to get the best gear without spending a dime of RL money in the store. Sure you have to spend a couple of weeks gathering dilithium but it's nothing like the 16 months of dailies you have to do to get the best gear in GW2 right now. I'd suggest you people do more homework before complaining.

    Yes having a different viewpoint than yours is whining and crying.

    It is when no one does the research they just make general assumptions or generate their own rumor mill and continue to facilitate it's acceptance by reposting nonsense. These forums are ripe with nothing but negative posts from people who dunno the difference between a F2P and a Freemium payment model much less what it really means to pay to win in a title. Seriously if we had more people read more important information instead of jumping on bandwagons the new players might have a chance at knowing the difference between truth and made-up mockery.

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