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Where is your money going this year ?



  • SlothnChunkSlothnChunk Kansas City, MOMember Posts: 779 Uncommon
    Defiance is my next MMO. Not sure after that yet.
  • DaxamarDaxamar Green Cove Springs, FLMember Posts: 579 Uncommon

    Archage for sure. Waiting on TESO to see how that works out also.

    Several single player games like TotalWar:Rome2.

  • Chief021Chief021 Fairmont, WVMember Posts: 107
    SimCity (March 5th)... then The Elder Scrolls Online.  That's probably all I'll be able to get to this year.


    A PS4 ESO guild accepting applications at

  • theniffrigtheniffrig DublinMember Posts: 351 Uncommon
    Marvel Heroes!
  • MyTabbycatMyTabbycat SP, MOMember Posts: 316 Uncommon
    Elder Scrolls Online and SimCity.
  • coretex666coretex666 PragueMember Posts: 2,576 Rare


    Diablo III expansion (if it releases)

    SC 2 expansion

    DayZ standalone

    "Titan" (If it releases)

    Probably EQ Next (if it is really a sandbox)

    Probably several months of WoW subscription



  • drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALMember Posts: 1,768 Uncommon




    possibly Archage

  • BrianshoBriansho Woodbridge, VAMember Posts: 3,586 Uncommon
    Not to any MMOs. So many are free now you can get your fix without dropping a dime. I am making it a goal to enjoy as many MMOs as possible without paying anything. Although WoW will still get a monthly sub from me but that's it.

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  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILMember Posts: 6,403

    Uncle Sam's clutching an unusually high chunk of it,

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