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Am I the Only One Who Thinks This?



  • adkenneradkenner Prescott, AZPosts: 18Member

    I may be totally wrong, but here would be my guess on the packs. 

    The reason the "Actual Value" is so high on the $200 pack is that they will not be offering the Race, The Spider Mount, and the Panther in the cash shop at least not for quite a long time. To me those seem like the most expensive things (or the things certain players would pay the most for). We are trying to put a cash shop value on them...but if they are not available in the cash shop, then they get a big bump due to their limited availability. 

    The stuff in the $60 pack will probably be availabe in the cash shop right away. Founders will most likely be getting a discount, but there is not that huge bump in "actual value" because anyone will be able to get them at any time. 

    As far as the currency...maybe I'm being silly but I think that they will want people that shell out money in advance to feel like they got a good deal and be the early users/promoters of the cash shop. I don't think its crazy to think that founders would get a significant amount of thier initial investment back in currency. The 200$ pack might even be more...sort of a bonus for shelling out that kind of cash. (~125$ for the 200$ pack....~20$ for the 60$ pack)

    I don't think Im going to buy any of the packs...but if you got back anywhere from 33% to 50% or more of  of your money in currency, plus all the other items...I don't think it ends up being that bad of a deal. Again...the people they are targeting with the 200$ pack are people that want and are willing to pay for highly exclusive items. 

  • khameleonkhameleon Posts: 435Member Uncommon

    I would never pour $200 into a game I have never played sorry. 

    I donate money like $25 to Path of exile to try beta sure, because it was a small group of devs that needed money.

    But these guys here want $50 just to get into beta and its a big company, just greedy to me.


  • CaptFabulousCaptFabulous Saugerties, NYPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    It'll be a cold day in Hell before PWE gets any money out of me. I'll play the game if it's decent (and I have my doubts) but there is no way I'm giving them any money after what they did to CO and STO.
  • steelheartxsteelheartx Biloxi, MSPosts: 434Member Uncommon
    Ultimately it comes down to what it is worth to you.  Personally i'll go with the $60 level cause it's what i normally would spend on a game anyway.

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