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LF Something New

VGTheoryVGTheory Wood River, ILPosts: 110Member

I've played a lot of MMORPGs, and I'm not sure what exactly will keep my interests anymore.  I get burned out quickly, and am looking for something that will keep me going for a while (so interesting levelling experience and good end-game, with lots to do besides grind).  I prefer free to play, and if anything has a skill system like EVE online I will certanily play it just to see.


Games I have played (not a complete list):

WOW: played off and on for a while.  MOP seems to be more rehashing of the same, and item levels/stats have ballooned way out of proportion.  PVP is unfun and crafting system is a joke.


SWG: Poorly managed, but fun to play.  Sandbox is good, as is the space combat.  Changes to the game and bugs made me stop playing (and its dead now).  Crafting was wonderful.  Obviously dead.


EVE Online: Stopped playing because of changes to the market making it difficult to pay for my subscription with in game currency.  Loved the skil system design, loved the intensity of PVP (hours of bullshitting/boredom with moments of sheer terror is a major adrenaline rush).  Crafting is mediocre, but the fact that most of the items in game are player made is wonderful.  


AION: liked this game at fist but the grind became too difficult around level 20.  It had little to stand out, but was solid.


FFXI: liked this game, but inflation and unstable playonline platform drove me away.  job system was interesting.


COH/COV: game was fun to waste time on but just couldn't keep my interest.  by the time I wanted to try it again it was dead.


ATITD: liked crafting things, liked the community, hated the developer's greed.  Game was half implimented and in perpetual paid beta.


STO: my latest endeavor.  I like customizing ship loadout, and adore the DOFF system, but the rest of the game is flimsy.  I would play a game that was just the DOFF system in truth.


any advice?


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