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Top 5 of all time



  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare

    1) Warcraft - shallow themepark with gear grind and some sort of magic that keeps pulling me back for 8 years

    2) Lineage II

    3) Knight Online

    4) DAOC

    5) SWG

  • JaedorJaedor Denver, COPosts: 1,171Member Uncommon

    1. WoW (Vanilla through LK) - Was my first mmo, stayed 6 years
    2. LOTRO - Huge world, awesome environmental art and excellent story
    3. The Secret World - Bought the lifetime on this one, no regrets
    4. Rift - Dimensions (housing). Only real reason I play the game and I love it.
    Nothing else makes this list

  • Goatgod76Goatgod76 Stow, OHPosts: 1,214Member

    - EQ

    - EVE Online

    - Vanguard: SoH

    - LotRo

    - Vanilla WoW


    It was tough to come up with 5 for an "all time" list honestly.

  • BosianBosian Santa Monica, CAPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by hyllstarter
    1) Pre-cu SWG 2) Cu SWG 3) NGE SWG 4) everything else tied.


  • tkoreapertkoreaper Castroville, TXPosts: 409Member Uncommon

    Since you only said MMO and not MMORPG my list is this:

    1. Planetside (The Original)

    2. WoW - Only because it was my 2nd most played game (You did say all time)

    3. Rift - Is currently my #1 MMORPG

    4. Planetside 2

    5. Tie between TSW, GW2, and Aion.

  • EzraSteelEzraSteel Coral Springs, FLPosts: 16Member


    1. Eve Online

    2.  Asheron's Call

    3.  SWG - before it was screwed up

    4.  LOTRO

    5.  Nothing else comes to mind, too many games that were too similar...


    My Best,

    Ezra Steel

  • jtcgsjtcgs New Port Richey, ILPosts: 1,777Member

    1. Asherons Call 1

    2. Ultima Online

    3. Meridian 59

    4. The Realm

    5. Star Wars Galaxies

    Just about everything else had crap PvE grinding for gear to replace skill in PvP in their themepark carrot on a stick format to cover its bland gameplay that has become modern MMOs.

    “I hope we shall its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country." ~Thomes Jefferson

  • BladestromBladestrom edinburghPosts: 5,001Member Uncommon

    1-WOW (first 4 years only)


    3-Eve online

    4 Rift

    The rest is a bit generic/dull and only caught my imagination for a small amount of time.

    rpg/mmorg history: Dun Darach>Bloodwych>Bards Tale 1-3>Eye of the beholder > Might and Magic 2,3,5 > FFVII> Baldur's Gate 1, 2 > Planescape Torment >Morrowind > WOW > oblivion > LOTR > Guild Wars (1900hrs elementalist) Vanguard. > GW2(1000 elementalist), Wildstar

    Now playing GW2, AOW 3, ESO, LOTR, Elite D

  • fs23otmfs23otm Posts: 457Member Uncommon
    1. EQ
    2. DAoC
    3. WoW
    4. Rift
    5. GW2
  • Angier2758Angier2758 Mt. Prospect, ILPosts: 1,015Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Aeonblades
    This thread is pleasantly surprising, I didn't know there were so many DAoC fans still out there!

     I'd pay to play DAoC pre ToA.


    My top 3 (I don't have any other tops)-

    1) EQ

    2) DAoC

    3) WoW

  • Pale_FirePale_Fire San Antonio, TXPosts: 360Member Uncommon

    1. AC

    2. SWG (pre CU, NGE)

    3. TSW

    4. WoW

    5. EVE Online

  • sofus12345sofus12345 OsloPosts: 10Member

    1) Pirates Of  The Burning Sea

    2) GW1

    3) EveOnline

  • Just-The-FactsJust-The-Facts Washingtonville, NYPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    1.) Ultima Online

    2.) Rift

    3.) World of Warcraft (Vanilla / Pre-BG's)

    4.) Star Wars Galaxies (Pre-CU)

    5.) City of Heroes / Villains


  • AIMonsterAIMonster Apopka, FLPosts: 2,059Member Uncommon

    1.  Everquest -  I started on MUDs and even did UO before it, but this game just got me hooked.  I played it obsessively for over 5 years.  Not much more needs to be said.  For it's time it was the well deserved reigning king of MMOs.

    2.  Guild Wars 2 - Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic game and I'm currently playing it and plan to play it for at least another year.  The WvW is a lot of fun (unlike other MMO PvP which typically feels boring) and I love the combat system.  There are some things that could certainly use a lot of work here and there though.

    3.  WoW (particularly Vanilla - TBC) - WoW was a great game.  It's still a decent game, but for the most part they kinda went in the wrong direction with content starting mid TBC with a series of nerfs to heroic dungeons and catering more to the casual coward, still I always felt this was a fantastic MMO and probably easily the most polished of the lists here.

    4.  Rift - Like WoW, it's very polished.  I feel like the content in Rift was slightly superior to WoW's but it did come later than WoW so I can't feasibly put it above WoW.  It also shares many similarilities with WoW.

    5.  Age of Conan - Honestly, my #5 came really close to a lot of MMOs.  Age of Conan had a massive amount of problems, especially when it launched that wasn't fixed in a timely matter that ultimately made me quit playing the game (and a lack of good content updates after release), but for the most part my AoC experience was a lot of fun, and that's what is important.  It truely is a very different MMO in a lot of aspects and I feel it never gets the credit it deserves.

    Honorable Mentions:  The Secret World, Warhammer Online, and Final Fantasy XI.


    Raptr link because it's the cool new trend:

  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon

    1. GW2

    2. Eve Online

    3. WoW

    4. Guild Wars

    5. ... man, I need to get out more.

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon

    My top 5 MMOs are:

    1 - DoAC

    2 - WoW up to LK.

    3 - Guild Wars 1

    4 - LOTRO

    5 - DDO


  • CodeFuzerCodeFuzer SwitzerlandPosts: 102Member Uncommon


    2.EVE Online

    3. UO

    4. GW 

    5. Atlantica Online

  • WalterWhiteWalterWhite CardiffPosts: 405Member Uncommon

    1. Star Wars Galaxies ( pre NGE ).

    2. Age of Conan (pre F2P)

    3. LotRO (pre F2P)

    4. World of Warcraft

    5. City of Heroes


  • rodingorodingo Posts: 2,807Member Rare

    1. SWG (pre-cu and before holo-grind, and even though it was one of the buggiest MMOs I've ever played)

    2. WoW (vanilla world pvp was a blast)

    3. GW2

    4. Lotro

    5. Neocron (becuase it was my first)

    "If I offended you, you needed it" -Corey Taylor

  • zomard100zomard100 karlovacPosts: 228Member
    Ty guys :). I will count in few days
  • AlBQuirkyAlBQuirky Sioux City, IAPosts: 3,828Member Common

    1 - City of Heroes
    2 - Wizard101
    3 - EverQuest
    4 - World of Warcraft

    Can't come up with a number 5 :)

    - Al

    Personally the only modern MMORPG trend that annoys me is the idea that MMOs need to be designed in a way to attract people who don't actually like MMOs. Which to me makes about as much sense as someone trying to figure out a way to get vegetarians to eat at their steakhouse.

  • WillyMMORPGWillyMMORPG Texarkana, TXPosts: 78Member Uncommon

    In no particular order...


    World of Warcraft

    Everquest 1

    Star Wars Galaxies (pre Combat Upgrade, only -- I quit the game after CU launched in May 05)

    The Secret World (sue me, it's my current time-sink, I love how after years with elves and orcs it's gritty and set in a semi real-world setting, and pretty innovative, to boot).



    I don't really have a strong candidate for my fifth spot. If I'd posted this before November 2012, I might have added Star Trek Online as a fifth, but that games move to mindless grinding, pay-to-open lock boxes and the disasterous changes in "Season 7" update made me stop playing the game entirely, after 33 months of uninterrupted subscribing (was there on day one of launch, and made it to within 3 months of my third anniversary, then they pulled a mini-Combat Upgrade with Season 7).

    I played Star Wars: the Old Republic for three months and hated it ; I played Tera and was underwhelmed, never getting a character past level 27 ; I toyed with World of Tanks for over a year and liked the game, but it was more of a Warsong Gulch PvP map style game than a traditional MMORPG, so lack of substance kind of eliminates that ; I bought EQ2 and played it for *one* night in 2005 after the SWG CU fiasco, hated the game (vowing to NEVER play another SOE game again) and I reluctantly migrated to World of Warcraft ; I similarly played Lord of the Rings Online for one night because I got a free trial on a PC I bought and I was having tech troubles getting my home network set up, so I gave it a try, was bored to tears and un-installed it and went back to work getting my network problems ironed out ; I played Eve Online for about two months waiting for the December 20th, 2011 launch of TOR and learned about abilities that take months to train and encountered a few dangerous sociopaths, so I never went back to that game.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Uncommon
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • ArclanArclan Chicago, ILPosts: 1,533Member Uncommon

    1. EQ (8,000 hours, starting 1999)
    2. Planetside 1 (2,000 hours at least)
    3. Eve (200 hours+)
    4. Vanguard (200 hours+)
    5. Pirates of the burning sea (100 hours)
    6. UO (50 hours in 1998)

    Nothing else excited me enough to try. But I enjoyed hearing about SWG from friends who loved it.

    Luckily, i don't need you to like me to enjoy video games. -nariusseldon.
    In F2P I think it's more a case of the game's trying to play the player's. -laserit

  • MortoriousMortorious BitolaPosts: 166Member Uncommon

    1.Wow (Vanila)





    Currently playing: Elder Scrolls Online
    MMORPG experiences:EQ2, AoC(pre f2p), Lotro,GW1,DDO, Aion,WoW( stop with wotlk),Allods, GW2
    Eu,War, Secret World

    Waiting On: WoD Sometime Maybe: Elder Scrolls MMO, Might and Magic

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