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Should Vanguard relaunch like Darkfall is doing?



  • ZorgoZorgo Deepintheheartof, TXPosts: 2,225Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by MMOExposed
    Should this game simply relaunch like Darkfall is doing? I know rumors is that Sony don't want Vanguard to compete with EQ2, but logically that makes little sense, because Sony owns both. The better each does, the more money they make.   So why not relaunch Vanguard as Vanguard 2. Add more gameplay elements that people like now days along with more sandbox elements that is a growing trend now days. also I wouldn't overlook PvP this time around. That was a bad mistake in my opinion. PvP should be important, but not something that will own the game like in most Sandbox MMO. also dynamic events, at least on a large scale like Rift's Zone Invasions, or the boss fights in GW2 would be a welcome feature. and honestly, I feel the game should move away from Levels and the Level grind. Yeah that's old school and all, but it's not really that important in the long run. Look at Darkfall. It has a huge world, and no player levels. Gamepla, fun, skills, and rewards should be enough progression levels only bring forth the rush mentality since people feel restricted from playing a certain element that they feel they would like.

    They are. With all that subsequent information. Its called 


    At least, that's my guess.

    I think the 'new' development team in VG may just be in bootcamp for what is to follow; EQNext.

  • AdamantineAdamantine NowherePosts: 3,928Member Uncommon
    I dont think EQ3 will qualify for a Vanguard successor. Right now my interest in EQ3 is very low, they want to make it some kind of F2P sandbox.
  • VidirVidir GothenburgPosts: 961Member Uncommon
    It is to late to relaunch´Vanguard,vile it is the second best mmorpg I have played I will not return what so ever.
  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Adamantine
    Right now my interest in EQ3 is very low, they want to make it some kind of F2P sandbox.

    i agree but i think it will be fun


    Vanguard already had a tepid re-launch with its conversion to free to play

    but SOE's marketing has always been weak


  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Is it worth Sony doing it when eqn will probably cover simmilar territory?

    Open world, heavy pve (I guess), probably some sort of hybrid (i don't believe the sandbox talk, I've heard smed use the word with planetside and its not one)
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