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Dragons Prophet Guild Recruitment

Alucardx13Alucardx13 HellzGate, VAPosts: 4Member

With Dragon's Prophet's Closed Beta near by, I will be creating a guild soon. I am looking for members to join, and help me on this large project. I will lead this project, but need members to help me create it. The recruitment will begin as soon as this thread is posted, and the project will begin as soon as enough members have joined. On the day chosen, we will all choose a name for the guild since it does not have one yet.. The name of the guild will be chosen by a majority vote. We will also get to know each other and discuss any opinions or suggestions that you may have regarding the guild or anything else. At the moment I want the guild to be stationed in more than one MMO, and in the future choose a main MMO for the guild. If you have any suggestions on MMOs to station our guild in, let us know during the meeting. I have a lot of experience running guilds, but this will be my first time running a large project in this form. This is your chance to be a part of something big, your chance to help create something and see it grow.

I will be working hard on this project, and expect you to do the same. I need serious members who will remain loyal and understand the meaning of hard work. I don't expect you to be serious all the time, infact I want the guild to have fun members because it makes the guild more lively. However I also want you to understand the difference between serious time and fun time. Only those who truly want to be a part of this project and know that they will remain part of the guild's family should apply. Those who are guild hoppers, not loyal and are not sure if they will continue being part of the guild need not apply.

We will all be meeting on Raidcall. I will be creating a temporary channel where we will meet and discuss. I have not yet chosen the time, but will let you know when I have decided. You can download Raidcall from the link at the bottom of the post. Microphone is not required.

If you are interested in becoming an original creator of this guild, please post the name you will using on Raidcall, and anything that you would like to mention about this post. I will send each of you the ID number of the channel in a private message.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I hope to see you as a member of this guild.

Raidcall Link:


  • Alucardx13Alucardx13 HellzGate, VAPosts: 4Member
    Is anyone interested?
  • softasofta hhaha, HIPosts: 2Member

    Depends are you going for the EU beta or the Sony Beta ?? :)

    I would like to join in the project on the European side ;)

  • birkenbirken Fort Covinton, NYPosts: 122Member
    I think runes of magic put a bad taste in my mouth with pay to win game play lev 30 beating lev 50  casue of bought items bah.
  • softasofta hhaha, HIPosts: 2Member

    Every F2P is pay to win in some way :) they give you the ability to progress faster with money what in my opinion is reasonable until some point...RoM is a very good game :) and the fact that a lvl 30 is better then 50 is only cuz the lvl 50 player isnt geared enough or a total noob not knowing how to use his skills :)


    The idea with the guild is really nice :)

  • tempest1776tempest1776 Vacaville, CAPosts: 1Member
    Hey bud I am interested, I think this game is going to rock.  keep me posted.
  • Alucardx13Alucardx13 HellzGate, VAPosts: 4Member
    Hey guys, my computer has been having issues all week but it is now fixed. The project is still in play, I am waiting for more people to sign up before we begin the meeting. Hope we get more people interested.
  • EdenDechaosEdenDechaos Georgetown, DEPosts: 2Member
    Sounds and looks like my type of game i'm in
  • XAleX360XAleX360 PescaraPosts: 462Member Uncommon
    I'm wondering why there are no fansites for this game...odd.

    Executive Editor (Games)

  • Alucardx13Alucardx13 HellzGate, VAPosts: 4Member
    Thank you for having the interest in joining this project. We need more members to join and when we do get the enough the project will kick off.
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