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Pets confirmed

RalstlinRalstlin Las PalmasPosts: 234Member Uncommon

"There are about 40 mini pet things (like the Baby-Behemoth) ready. We'll know exactly what role they serve in phase 1 of the beta. The 3 things in the Year of the Snake illustration are included in that 40. (For what purpose exactly has got me thinking. Some people on 2ch are thinking they might have some kind of retainer role!)"


probably not-combat pets (have no sense to get combat pets when we are getting combat chocobos) so i can imagine this is for housing, feeding, fun.



  • AlberelAlberel LondonPosts: 1,121Member
    I'd love to see us being able to let our pets loose in our houses like in EQ2... they always added a lot of character to the space I thought. I imagine they'll just be the now-common fluff pets that just follow you around though. Still, fluff is always a good thing IMO.
  • ErgoProxyDecayErgoProxyDecay a City, CAPosts: 1,435Member Uncommon
    ever play pokemon!? gotta collect them all!!

    "Basking in your hatred... Feels quiet nice." - Raven
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