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Do you sometimes feel dizzy while playing games?



  • firestarter017firestarter017 Spring Valley, CAPosts: 25Member
    Get your eyes check, you might be suffering from astigmatism that can cause dizziness.
  • BrenelaelBrenelael MainePosts: 3,797Member Uncommon

    It happens to my wife as well. Whats weird in her case is she can play just about anything for hours without an issue but 5 minutes watching me play any kind of FPS/3rd person game makes her feel dizzy and sick. Must have something to do with it not affecting her so much when she's actually in control of the panning and scaling. She used to love watching me play games but since graphics have become more realistic she just can't do it as much any more.




  • GishgeronGishgeron Princeton, KYPosts: 1,287Member

      I hope he replies again, I'm curious if the ginger helped.  I've never had these issues with games, but I've also been playing them since I was 4-5 so its entirely possible my eyes and brain just developed around the changes as they came when games progressed into the crazy visuals we have now.

      Or its because I'm a smoker.  Or the fact I take a whisky nightcap sometimes.  Or all the caffiene.  I dunno man...I just wanna know if he got help from this thread so that I can make a recommendation to any friends of mine that experience this.  I'd hate to see someone on the out and out if we can help.


  • SuperDonkSuperDonk Vancouver, WAPosts: 759Member Uncommon

    APB is the only game I can think of that I couldn't play because of motion sickness.


    I get motion sickness from 3D movies though.

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