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Free Dota 2 keys

berlightberlight almadaMember Posts: 156 Uncommon

I want to get rid of 27 dota 2 keys. Just leave your mail or your Steam ID and ill be glad to get them out of my inventory :)


Beta tester maniac



  • camelguycamelguy Martinez, CAMember Posts: 9

    Steam ID: camelguy

    Please and thank you good sir.

  • threatnarthreatnar plainfield, INMember Posts: 1



    Thanks i've been looking for one. 

  • TsubyTsuby LisboaMember Posts: 4 Uncommon

    Hey, ill appreciate if u give me one.

    Regards from a Alfacinha :P

  • VagorVagor Springfield, ORMember Posts: 33 Uncommon

    If you still have some left I would really appreciate one.

    Steam ID: Vagor

    Please and thank you :)

    The end is only the begining.

  • BrachusBrachus Taneytown, MDMember Posts: 96 Uncommon

    Steam ID: Brachus


    Please and thanks!

  • EchocatEchocat San Diego, CAMember Posts: 1

    Still have one? Please and thank you!

    Steam ID: echonovember02


  • element22389element22389 romeoville, ILMember Posts: 8 Uncommon

    awesome. would really appreciate one man.

    steam id: element22389

  • Se7enSinsSe7enSins West Covina, CAMember Posts: 10 Uncommon

    Nice, been wanting to try dota 2 for a while. Please and thanks kind sir.

    Steam ID: AgEnT SlApAHoE 

  • 1ONEUP1ONEUP Dearborn heights, MIMember Posts: 1
  • IzonstormIzonstorm Lancaster, PAMember Posts: 10 Uncommon

    If you still have one available I've been looking forward to DOTA.

    Steam ID: takenbyit

  • ElisphenElisphen Fort Wayne, INMember Posts: 1

    Kritix Choyce 


    Please and thank you!

  • 1913cores1913cores Austin, TXMember Posts: 2

    Thank You

  • bugmenobugmeno Iowa, IAMember Posts: 85


  • UNDERDOG88UNDERDOG88 indianapolis, INMember Posts: 10

    Key would he great been looking forward to this game.
  • junx2junx2 Newport GwentMember Posts: 1

    thank you :)

  • StylgarStylgar Somewherein, VAMember Posts: 23 Uncommon


  • mbahjinganmbahjingan Michigan, MIMember Posts: 1

    Please send me one :D thanks

  • Dhark3333Dhark3333 BrnoMember Posts: 1

    pleas send me key :)


    my gmail:


    thank you very much!

  • UnfathomableUnfathomable Houston, TXMember Posts: 19 Uncommon

    I would like to give this a try if you have anymore keys.

  • berlightberlight almadaMember Posts: 156 Uncommon

    Seems i need to add you to my friends list before i can send the key, i´m sorry can you guys give me your email instead?

    ket sent to Tsuby


    PS: not giving keys to new mmorpg accounts sorry :P


    Beta tester maniac

  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAMember Posts: 1,585 Uncommon
    you guys know you can get in beta if you have a steam account right?  no key needed.
  • BrachusBrachus Taneytown, MDMember Posts: 96 Uncommon

    If you still have 1 left, then I'd like a key please.



  • RaijukinRaijukin Atlantica, AKMember Posts: 63
    me please ;)
  • soulragesoulrage DunedinMember Posts: 23

    SteamID: Denisont


    Thanks mate!



  • xBrandoxBrando Carpinteria, CAMember Posts: 91



    Would be greatly appreciated if ya have any left!


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