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SMITE: Vulcan, Smith of the Gods Revealed

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 21,186MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Hi-Rez Studios is ready to reveal the next god to be added to the SMITE pantheon. In this introductory video, players can find out more about Vulcan, Smith of the Gods. The video reveals a bit of lore behind the mythology as well as gives players a sneak peek at Vulcan's skills and abilities. Vulcan is expected to show up in game later this week.


  • lisaroblisarob watfordPosts: 87Member Uncommon

    Mmm looking good. Makes league of legends a little kids game 


  • Sk8grlSk8grl PrilepPosts: 1Member
    I loved playing Smite. @lisarob I agree with you, Smite makes LOL a litle kids game hahah.
  • CypeqCypeq TychyPosts: 66Member
    Originally posted by lisarob
    Mmm looking good. Makes league of legends a little kids game 

    Flame bait ignore plz


    Smite deserves good playerbase and decent success because they push genre forward.

    Saldy there's a lot of polishing to be done in this one.


    They again... go with roman name ... just wierd :P

  • xSaintxxSaintx Albuquerque, NMPosts: 75Member

    "Mmm looking good. Makes league of legends a little kids game "


    I disagree.



  • SeptdeezSeptdeez Gilbert, AZPosts: 21Member Uncommon
    man I love this games gods
  • zizzleyozizzleyo roselle, ILPosts: 6Member

    "Mmm looking good. Makes league of legends a little kids game "

    Please! This new God reminds me of Heimerdinger from LOL, actually most the charcters on Smite are varients of  LOL charcters. Smite is fun for the FPS feel but I still play LOL and I stoped playing Smite. Although my biggest problem with Smite is they used existing Hindu Gods and  refused to remove them because of religious values. I thought that was pretty cool untill....they then announce the will not use any Islamic Jewish or Christian Gods! Complete hypocrites! I wanted to play Jesus, healing people, using my crucifix to beat people, raise the much fun. I hate hypocrites!

  • ChochChoch Stamford, CTPosts: 157Member

    So is this game like LoL but in first person? If so, I am sold!

  • GamersHeroesGamersHeroes BedfordPosts: 14Member
    It's third-person :)
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