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There are eight axis players online

david06david06 Chantilly, VAPosts: 183Member

5:27am US eastern time. I don't think I miscounted.

I knew that time zone three was getting bad, but damn. So even if there are triple that amount on the allied side that's still barely 30 players on the entire server.

It wasn't that long ago that even though TZ3 didn't have as many people as "US prime", there were plenty of towns being captured and I thought it was more enjoyable because there was a close-knit group of about 50 or so players with a lot of good leaders. Even if we were getting rolled we would do crazy stuff just for the fun of it.

So sad to see things like this.


  • AbyssussAbyssuss Banja LukaPosts: 85Member
    That's a good day
  • david06david06 Chantilly, VAPosts: 183Member

    It was probably the lowest point for the 24 hour period but personally I had never seen it that low.

    The current game mechanics make a 30 vs 30 fight quite slow and boring, so when you have less than that and you're not permitted to go do anything else but charge a flashing box with those numbers, there's no reason to stay logged on.

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