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The Highlander Progression

SephastusSephastus New Brunswick, NJPosts: 455Member Uncommon

"In the end, there can only be one." - McCloud

Many people have said they want harsher death penalties in their game, but at the same time, we are all aware that harsh death penalties push away players; specially the unexperienced ones. This is an idea that could be applied to just about any MMO out there to increase the adrenaline flow, and at the same time, keep everyone (including what some people like to call "carebears") happy.

Highlander Progression Realm

Summary - Separate Realm through same sedrver instancing; Harsh death penalty. Set amount of deaths = Permadeath. Last (few) remaining receive Buff for a set amount of time, but cannot qualify for Highlander Pregression while buff is in effect.


Instancing used to create a seperate realm where everyone that has signed up for the progression sub-game will start the game with their character at a specified level. Level 1 for full progression. (Their original characters are unaffected, and anytime they wish they could log back to their "main". ) Normal players can "switch" to this instance and back, but they will have no effect on anything around them, with the exception of chat. They will just be "observers".

NPC scaled strength. Level 1 = Level 1 in normal game and gradual increase as levels are gained. So depending on the game in question, if max level is 50, then the level 25 NPCs can be 4:1 strength, and max level NPCs are at 10:1 strength, but these have increased rewards and points. Group encounters will also be stronger to the point that some will have to be outright avoided.

Death will be harsh, with a set amount of deaths resulting in the permanent death of your Highlander character. Penalties will be in effect for amount of time offline (commulative, so peple don't just log on every 8 hours and log right back out to just not incur in an offline death), or inaction while in game, and passed a certain point or level, auto PVP will be enabled and can't be turned off. Example: 1 Week Highlander competition - Every 24 hours offline: 1 death. Log in for 1 minute every 2 hours for 25 hours = 24 Hours & 48 minutes of offline time, which means, next time you log in, you will receive 1 death. If the permadeath occurs at 3 deaths, and this was your third death, then you would receive a message saying your character is dead, and it will give you your current score and ranking vs all others.

Rewards & Winning: At the end of the predetermined time (or before if only one player remains), Highlander progression will be over, and the winner will receive a long term buff (30 days, for example), where his stats are increased, gain a temporary mount/armor, and has a title and/or other effects on his avatar. Depending on how much they progressed, additional rewards can also be granted, and certain "rank" rewards can also be given. Everyone who participates receives whatever they earned while doing the highlander progression, including items, gold & exp.

These are just ideas, and much more stuff can be added or tweaked depending on the game in question. General idea is to have a duplicate world, instanced, where people can play with truly hard perma-death style gameplay & PvP, without having to worry about being at a permanent disadvantage in the ongoing world. Since the Highlander Progression will always restart every week (or any other time period in question), everyone will start off the same, and only their actions will determine how they rank at the end. Since the winners will also not be able to participate in a few games, it will also shuffle things up so other people will get a chance to win.


  • DisdenaDisdena Troy, NYPosts: 1,093Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sephastus
    General idea is to have a duplicate world, instanced, where people can play with truly hard perma-death style gameplay & PvP, without having to worry about being at a permanent disadvantage in the ongoing world.

    If that's the general idea, what's the reasoning behind having it last a whole week? You're talking about plopping a copy of your character into an alternate battlefield server where—even if you have no out-of-game responsibilities of any kind (school, work, eating)—you lose in 6 days if you log out to sleep for 8 hours. Who does this appeal to? Couldn't you get a lot more people interested by making these Highlander matches last... an hour, tops?

  • SephastusSephastus New Brunswick, NJPosts: 455Member Uncommon

    This is not a "match", specially not something that you could finish in just an hours worth of playtime. This would be in a sense restarting your character in a perma-death version of the real realm. It is meant to be a challenga and not a 1 hour reprieve from the current MMO you are playing.

    The "8 hour" reference you were making, is just for checks and balances. If it were not there, some people would get af far as they could without any of the penalties, and just log out when they see they might lose points to other people doing PvP in the area they are adventuring in.

    Matches are just too concentrated and a permadeath in a match means nothing. By having a set amount of deaths, and having the whole game as your playground, you will be much more catious, and the battles will be that much more determined by how much you plan ahead. Once you get passed a certain threshold, either in level or in points, you will be auto-flagged for PvP, and this will mean that on top of everything else, now you have to worry about other players jumping you, and the game takes on a completely different feel.

    I suggest you try a simple permadeath game, and you will see the type of highs and lows that this style of gameplay can bring. Matches have no equal to it.

  • DisdenaDisdena Troy, NYPosts: 1,093Member Uncommon

    The issue is that what you are describing is a match. There's a time limit, a goal, and parameters get reset in-between in order to wipe out your accomplishments and failures.

    I'm sure you understand that the draw of a permadeath system is the feeling that "If I mess up here, I could lose everything I've worked for all this time!" In a match system (wish I had a better name for that), the draw is the feeling of "If I mess up here, I could lose everything I've worked for since this match started!" It's just like permadeath but on a smaller scale. The consequence for failure is still there, but what you stand to lose is limited to the length of the match. That is the system you described, if I understand it correctly. A smaller scale match where you only stand to lose that which you gained during that week. You lose none of the effort you invested in your "real" character.

    So my two questions still stand. What is the appeal of having this take place over the course of a week rather than an hour or two or twelve? And why the obvious oversight that people must log out in order to work and sleep? (Or is the risk of staying online and being killed while you sleep part of the challenge?)

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