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If you want to find out more about the game, here is a review:

And this is the first out of 5 videos that will guide you through the game if you need some help starting:


  • MouzurXMouzurX ZeelandMember Posts: 44
  • argelargel WashingtonMember Posts: 34

    Good video that. Sums it up at the start too 'most of the people complaining appear to be 10-11yr vets, but I've not seen anything too bad'

    I can understand why people are annoyed that the game didn't evolve as they wanted, but the video shows it is still more than playable, it's enjoyable.

  • StugStug Coffee County, TNMember Posts: 387

    Yup - spot on Argel - it basically makes the point it does what it says on the tin and is pretty damned good at it. He needs to check up on some of his plater points ref strategic movement, but he otherwise gets the basic gameplay down to pat.


  • wrath04wrath04 Olympia, WAMember Posts: 89
    Awesome videos.  First time I've watched them, makes me want to jump in and play right now lol.


  • HodoHodo Raeford, NCMember Posts: 542

    The first video, review is good, but it is incomplete.   He leaves out some of WWIIOLs greatest features.   Like the damage model for vehicles, it is still the only MMO that has damage calculated by the kenetic energy of the round at the point of impact the angle of attack, vs the thickness of the armor it hit, and angle of the armor.    Then it factors in the remaining Kj left over and the damage it can cause to internal components and the spalling generated by that round on impact.  


    But the game is lacking in that bombs still require a direct hit to kill anything larger than a PzIII.  

    So much crap, so little quality.

  • StugStug Coffee County, TNMember Posts: 387
    The ballistic engine sets this game way above the rest, indeed. It's awesome to see it in action.....
  • ginzoginzo Bell Gardens, CAMember Posts: 23

    Two things WW2OL did really well that I haven't seen replicated in other games/sims.


    *  speed of sound:   standing from afar and seeing a plane crash or drops its bombs and then several seconds later hearing the booms.    I'm not even sure ARMA 2 has that modeled although I can't say for sure as I bought it only for DayZ.  


    *  sensation of speed when flying low and fast:   No other sim I've played gave me that balls to the wall feeling when screaming above the deck with trees and towns blurring underneath you.  Very reminiscent of those WW2 gun cam strafing films.   

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