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Worst ever purchases?



  • NachurNachur Phoenix, AZPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Champions lifetime sub. I enjoyed playing COH for a month each time a new issue came out, and thought why not have access to the game any time I want.

    Gamer logic through rose-colored glasses.

  • BrenelaelBrenelael MainePosts: 3,797Member Uncommon

    Star Trek Online - Played CO and knew it was not that great... Was in the STO Beta and knew it pretty much sucked balls... Still preordered the game hoping it would get better... Easily the stupidest game purchase I've ever made and the absolute last time I will ever preorder a MMO.




  • GoldenArrowGoldenArrow Posts: 1,185Member Uncommon

    Guild Wars 2, bought copy for myself and my girlfriend.

    Worst purchase ever and this is coming from a TSW Lifetimer.

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,012Member Rare
    Originally posted by dimnikar
    For me it was AION. No idea what I was thinking. Outside of MMORPGs, there's a number of impulse purchases on Steam I don't neccessarily regret (they were dirt cheap), but could've done without...

     I'm glad I didn't buy this one.....I could see why you'd be upset...That was a terrible game.

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    Anarchy Online

    Age of Conan

    Hellgate London


    other online games, 

    I may not have stuck with but I didnt feel ripped off

  • ktanner3ktanner3 lakeland, FLPosts: 4,050Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by WhiteLantern
    Because I do research and have learned to think for myself, I don't regret any of my purchases. Although a couple of CEs could have been bought at a discount later............

    I do a lot of research and make my own decisions,but have to admit that Warhammer got me. By far the worst purchase I ever made. 

    Currently Playing: Star Wars The Old Republic

  • NaughtyPNaughtyP Edmonton, ABPosts: 793Member Uncommon
    Age of Conan I guess. Probably because it was the first MMO where I thought to myself... this isn't even close to being done.

    Enter a whole new realm of challenge and adventure.

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,930Member Legendary
    My worst purchase was the one-year subscription to Rift.  I bought it May 15 and haven't played much since September/October.  What a waste for a game I won't even have access to when the sub expires.  bleh
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  • DSWBeefDSWBeef phoenix, AZPosts: 787Member Uncommon
    Im one of those people who buys CEs because I actually collect them. The SWTOR CE IMO is a fantastic CE but the game isnt. The only mmo I regret buying is TERA and Final Fantasy.

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    Waiting on:Everquest Next and The Black Desert

  • DaxamarDaxamar Green Cove Springs, FLPosts: 579Member Uncommon
    None, and I have played a few. I have a rule about games. If i get a $1 per hour, its a good buy,
  • AuzyAuzy Dallas, TXPosts: 611Member Uncommon

    The Secret World... $10 ill never see again!

    Or dragon age 2.

    Uhh... what?

  • JaedorJaedor Denver, COPosts: 1,171Member Uncommon


    I thought I knew the game after closed betas, open beta and launch. But I was wrong.

  • Slappy1Slappy1 columbus, OHPosts: 458Member
    The only game/xpac I've bought that I wish I hadn't is Mist's of Pandaria.I only played it a little for a couple month's.My annual pass ran out and realized I'm done with WoW.Just tired of that game and better option's are abound.

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  • HeretiqueHeretique Posts: 1,350Member Uncommon
    Bean Burrito @ 7-11.

    Originally posted by salsa41
    are you have problem ?

  • HowryHowry springfield, ORPosts: 110Member Uncommon

    Guild Wars 2 for me.


    I never had the opportunity to Beta it so I didnt know what to expect.

    Horrible game IMO.


    The one thing I will give them credit for is they gave me my money back and they never closed my account. Sadly I have played maybe 1 hour since initial release and them giving me a refund.


    I just cant make myself play.





  • NaowutNaowut GroningenPosts: 662Member Uncommon

    Everything after 2007.

    Hmm.. Maybe it's the fault of this site..

  • dllddlld GöteborgPosts: 578Member Uncommon
    Warhammer, i was forced to quit the game due to bad performance and went back to wow in less then a week.
  • RednecksithRednecksith Madison heights, MIPosts: 1,238Member

    For MMOs, would be Hellgate: London lifetime sub. Not because the game was bad (it wasn't) but because of the gross mismanagement and outright lies of Roper & co. I still fully intend to take my $120 back out of Roper's hide should I run across that piece of trash someday.

    For regular games, would have to be Red Faction: Armageddon. The game is a huge step back from the previous installment, and was in fact so bad it managed to kill off the franchise. It still blows my mind how they could regress from an open world game with damn near fully destructible environments to a linear, level based shooter confined to claustrophobic caves.

  • AeonbladesAeonblades Home, GAPosts: 2,083Member

    MMO: Aion or Vanguard SoH ( I actually played vanguard for close to year hoping they would fix the bugs, but here we are years later with a half assed F2P model and the same glitches that have plagued the game since release)

    Single Player: Probably Diablo 3 or Demigod. Diablo 3 doesn't even really have an online component other than trying to log in, and Demigod is probably the worst MOBA I have ever seen.

    Currently Playing: ESO and FFXIV
    Have played: You name it
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  • kevjardskevjards carlislePosts: 1,452Member Uncommon
    For me my worst purchase has to be Gothic of the most shocking gothic games i have fact its not even worthy of that  title.the game itself looks fantastic..but it lacked just about everything that should be in a gothic game.and has if that was'nt bad enough i was stupid enough to buy the expansion which was the biggest rip off in gaming took me 3 hrs to complete the expansion..and it  was'nt even linked to the main game.jesus i,m one dumb MF
  • AG-VukAG-Vuk Phoenix, AZPosts: 823Member Uncommon
    Take your pick of Cryptic products.

  • Siris23Siris23 Minneapolis, MNPosts: 267Member Uncommon
    AoC and Global Agenda for me
  • TamanousTamanous Edmonton, ABPosts: 2,417Member Uncommon

    I keep going back to play Swtor and enjoy it so won't say it was a waste.


    My worse purchase was GW2. I bought into the hype, bought it, played beta and never even played at launch. It was entirely the exact opposite direction I wanted in an mmo. A massive world of public quests and watered down classes turned out to be the ultimate themepark and not the other way around.


    The funny thing about Swtor is that with all it's faults it is still fun. As with most mmo's these days though I expect to take long breaks from it from time to time. I still await the so called sandbox games around the corner. Sadly though I am burned out on fantasy and see no good sci-fi alternative atm.

    You stay sassy!

  • depot12depot12 Reston, VAPosts: 156Member
    WWII Online.  Was fun when first came out but all the broken promises I regret spending any money on it in the end.
  • Punk999Punk999 Baytown, TXPosts: 882Member Uncommon
    Mortal online

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