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This game's community really is horrible



  • RednecksithRednecksith Madison heights, MIPosts: 1,238Member
    Originally posted by Scalpless
    TERA looks like a cheap anime, so it's no wonder it attracts the "lol hentai" crowd. I find them a bit amusing in the "well, at least my sense of humor isn't this bad" way. Originally posted by Rednecksith
    Originally posted by Psychow
    I just played for the first time last week and had to leave Global chat before I had even reached level 4. Apparrenlty the cool thing to do in Global chat is to match a movie with the name Elie (or something close to that). So you get bombarded with non-stop spam of:   Gone with the Elie Charriots of Elie Star Wars: Elie Strikes Back! A Fish Called Elie

    Well, TBH that's WAAAY better than the 'anal' thing that was sweeping WoW a while back.

    Oh, don't worry, the "anal" thing made a comeback in TERA. Apparently linking items and writing "anal" before them is the funniest thing ever.

    Not on the RP server, thank goodness. In fact the conversations have been surprisingly civil and intelligent. Earlier today several folks were giving someone advice on how to get started in the video games industry.

    I have yet to be compelled to turn off global chat, which is a nice surprise. Let's hope it lasts (probably won't).

  • azzamasinazzamasin Butler, OHPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by stayontarget
    Originally posted by Dxcam1
    I've been playing for 1 hour and have already seen over 10 hentai discussions, this is like 4Chan online.

    You must be new to online gaming,  welcome aboard and make sure you wear you're thick skin.



    Publishers have two choices in this matter,  Filter everything and make it a pain for the community or don't filter and let the community block players that abuse chat.

    Actually when a game is fun, engaging and fosters community (read: anything not Eastern or F2P) then the chat becomes more socially acceptable.

    Sandbox means open world, non-linear gaming PERIOD!

    Subscription Gaming, especially MMO gaming is a Cash grab bigger then the most P2W cash shop!

    Bring Back Exploration and lengthy progression times. RPG's have always been about the Journey not the destination!!!


  • moosecatlolmoosecatlol Boring, TXPosts: 1,281Member Uncommon
    Was worse than /b/ last I checked.
  • ZoyitaZoyita Elmhurst, NYPosts: 119Member
    Originally posted by blkwltz19
    Haven't seen that discussion, but I swear everytime time I get on, I see a debate going about Alienware...... lol   But yes, try the RP-PVE, it should be better

    Lol same here they always talk about Alienware and Ellins, now they hating on Br's sometimes is so intense i feel bad for them :3

  • GoldenArrowGoldenArrow Posts: 1,185Member Uncommon

    Global chat might be derpy at times but I don't see anything wrong with the community.

    Fairly good players and fun to play with on a PvE server (EU).


    I come from LoL so the community feels like a blessing compared to that.

  • tet666tet666 cfgvbfdgPosts: 295Member Uncommon

    The German Pve Server is full with friendly and helpfull people. I played on a pvp server half a year ago bevore i quit and it was horrible there.

    Started the game a week ago again and the community on my new pve server is mutch nicer, maybe its somehow worse on pvp servers dunno.

  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,676Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Dxcam1
    I've been playing for 1 hour and have already seen over 10 hentai discussions, this is like 4Chan online.

    If you notice, its usually the same nit wits, almost all the time.  As was mentioned, just ignore them.  The over all community (such as it is) isn't much different from most other games in that regard.

  • iblapiblap new york, NYPosts: 2Member


    As a long time TERA global chat user I've noticed 2 things the people QQing about the chat are the ones using that as an excuse for quitting the game when it's really they're just so used to the tab sytem therefore they fail. 

    And 99% of the global chat on tera is just to upset people like everyone who posted on this thread and to make a thread like this on a gaming review site. Anyway TERA is the best MMO I've played and if you're not a little girl who can either handle global chat or filter it out then TERA is the game for you.

  • dimnikardimnikar ZanistanvillePosts: 271Member

    Every MMO that isn't WoW invariably has general chats filled with how other MMOs suck.


    WoWs community seems to be the only one that doesn't care to discuss other games, and thus unaffected.


    That is my experience from the past few years, at least, mostly in new MMO launch periods (never stay longer due to the shittines of most games).

  • GoldenArrowGoldenArrow Posts: 1,185Member Uncommon

    Big problem for people also seems to be (looking at the new rush of players) that they simply suck in Tera.

    You really need to drop the attitude "I've played WoW for 10 years, I know how to play" and learn the basics from a scratch. Just the other day I taught a "WoW Top 10 PvP player" how to avoid a bam's attack patterns ;P

  • FugglyFuggly Newport News, VAPosts: 141Member
    People still play Tera?!?


  • KeyloggerKeylogger Bumblefuck, TNPosts: 250Member

    Originally posted by Fuggly
    People still play Tera?!?

    It's essentially 4Chan The MMO - which given it's size means there are enough pedos to keep it afloat.

  • ZagatoMKRZagatoMKR FinlandPosts: 251Member Uncommon

    Ah Global chat on Tempest Reach... Sometimes very entertaining indeed. Alienware, Elin movies/games, weird fetish talk, it's all there. Can't handle it? You can always turn it off in chat options. Personally I find it entertaining while waiting for a dungeon or while taking a break from questing. Never take Global seriously, people are just relaxing. ;)


  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,676Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Fuggly
    People still play Tera?!?

    Yes.  All things considered I find it quite entertaining.  Especially the combat system.  The rest is pretty much standard MMO. Very nice graphics and good eye candy.

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