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I'm really enjoying this game!

StarskinsStarskins Val-BPosts: 24Member Common

I know it's another 'Themepark' game but I just think this game gets it right!  I'll stick with it while waiting for Defiance!

On a side note:  Yeah the gold spammer are plaguing the game...  When you need to type /b *insert nickname* instead of clicking the name and block it, it's a mess having to figure if  the bot named 'llllllllllll' first, second third, etc letter is a capital 'i' or a lower case 'L', then how much combinations are available you think?  LOL.  Pretty clever though.


See you in-game.





  • KWLGAMEKWLGAME New York, NYPosts: 6Member

    well ,is this game popular ??? i heard this game , but compare with gw2 , and rift , this is just a small game ...


    seems it is really a small game ... nobody reply any post or post any new thread , lol

  • lufiazlufiaz HCM CityPosts: 121Member Uncommon
    Gameplay is fun but the game is lacking content, BADLY. After you hit 35 (current level cap) there is nothing else to do beside farming your end game gears. Epic cata, Ring of Set, Ghost Knight weapons then Bolas. And poor itemization doesnt help much neither. Your choice for gear is as poor as D3 if not poorer: stacking either str or int. There's only 1 form of "competitive" that's Mt Eda PVP and it's usually somewhere around a 10 vs 30 fight.
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