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Highsec Orca or a 2nd hulk?

HazelleHazelle Brampton, ONPosts: 760Member
Which is best for two pilots mining in highsec:  two hulks or should one of them train up an Orca?


  • SentimeSentime Chicago, ILPosts: 270Member Uncommon
    Orca + Hulk
  • MalcanisMalcanis LondonPosts: 3,268Member Uncommon

    2 Mackinaws.

    If you scale up to a 3rd account, it's just worth dedicating that to a booster (From memory a max-skilled Orca will give about a 52% improvement in yield), in which case you could switch back to Hulks and use the Orca to store the ore. But you lose the mining bonus while the Orca is hauling.

    For 4 accounts or more, a booster is no-brainer.

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  • AmegashieAmegashie naPosts: 289Member Uncommon

    Orca is not even remotely worth it if you're running just one Hulk.


    Use either two Mackinaws or do jetcan mining with two Hulks and one of you hauling with an Iteron or something when the cans are full. You'll want to find an empty system for that though.

  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHPosts: 5,799Member Uncommon

    I will also say two macks.


    orca doesnt mine, it sits there giving bonuses.


    for many miners that's good. for one miner, a second miner is better.


    two macks store 70k ore. an orca stores - with rigs - about 140k ore. unless you're very far from a refinery, stay Mack.


  • GarkanGarkan BirminghamPosts: 552Member
    The Orca does not provide a 100% increase in yield so a second Hulk would increase the amount of ore you get to a greater extent.

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