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Are you willing to play a Sub based game with a cash shop?

ragz45ragz45 Posts: 717Member Uncommon

I have been curious if I am the only player that feels that if I am paying a sub (even if it's a sub optional game) there should be no cash shop for me in a game.  And if the game is sub optional, I should be able to get 100% of the items from the cash shop for free.

I understand that FTP and BTP games need to cover their montly overhead through micro transactions.  That discussion is neither here nor there.  But if you are paying a standard Sub Fee every month, are you willing to keep paying that sub if there is a cash shop in your game?


**Note Option #1 should read "Yes, if it had a cash shop with costume & the ability to TRADE RL money for game money, I would pay"  Can not edit it.


  • jimdandy26jimdandy26 salem, ORPosts: 527Member
    Considering that both WoW and EvE have cash shops+subs what exactly is the point of your poll?

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  • ragz45ragz45 Posts: 717Member Uncommon

    Just because those two games have them, doesn't mean there are not players that have left those games because they added them.  I for one left WoW when it implimented a cash shop and never came back.  

    Thus the point of my poll is to see if I am the only one that outright refuses to play a game with both a Sub & cash shop.

  • greenreengreenreen Punchoo, AKPosts: 2,101Member Uncommon

    You aren't alone. Because F2P always uses the cash shop I associate it with them and their kind. A sub game that added a cash shop would send me out the door too. The whole point of the sub is to be a consistent funding that they can count on monthly. It gives them peace of mind that they have someone paying, gives me peace of mind that I can access anything and don't have to expect marketing in my video game. I don't play to get ads to buy something inside the game.

    It's not just the cash shop itself that is the problem, it's the implementation that makes it doubly annoying. Things that are made uncomfortable to play in the game without using the cash shop is where I zone out and feel marketed to. It breaks immersion too, everytime I saw that icon for cash shop in LOTRO on my main UI it was like some person walking up to me saying - can I have a dollar, hey, can I have a dollar, spare a buck ma'am, oh how will i buy these pampers - woe is me. All of those beggars I see with a cigarette in their hand (my sub money). Sure I bought a lifetime and they said it wouldn't affect me - -they were wrong, buying something was everywhere and not worth staying.

    I'm reaching my human satiation point on "give me money" sad stories and ads everywhere. They used to barely be on the net and now the damn things are out of control. Can't turn on a radio without them, or a TV, can't drive down a street and not see them. My last bastion of ad free moments are in video games. I won't give that up. Theme song for this thought.

    I haven't played WOW since '05 ish - anyone want to elaborate on what they added as a cash shop? Is it mounts or something?

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