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Do we want TItan to be another MOBA game?

BookahBookah Bar Harbor, MEPosts: 258Member Uncommon

Personaly I have yet to find my nitch in a moba game, i have toyed with LOL but never followed up.

Moba's seem to scripted and predictable of a PVP experience to me thus far, however I love Warcraft lore and find my self wondering what playing my Heros from Blizzard lore would be like.

  Everything ellse aside that I hope titan is not a moba style game and am hoping for sometype of an MMO or for somthing completely different.




  • LongLivePvPLongLivePvP LA, CAPosts: 102Member
    Just wait for Blizzard Allstars

    Playing: Darkfall Unholy Wars & ArcheAge(Alpha)
    Backed: Shards Online, Camelot Unchained
    Loved: Vanilla WoW,UO,Shadowbane,EQ,DAoC,Asheron's Call(Darktide)

  • OgreRaperOgreRaper Detroit, MIPosts: 376Member

    Definitely not.

    MOBA's bore the hell out of me

  • tom_goretom_gore TamperePosts: 1,995Member Uncommon

    Never got into MOBAs. Too long match lengths, no persistence to speak of. Practically 1-2 playing fields.

    I don't understand how someone can spend countless hours on these.

  • MarirranyaMarirranya Ortario, OHPosts: 154Member

    i like moba i enjoy them alot :3

    one game is prolly around a good 20-40mins.

    my favorite among them all is LOL. i dunno why but teamfights 5v5 are so fun and challenging!

    @ if you get ganked, you need brains to quickly adapt and overcome and not be killed XD

    There are people who play games and then there are gamers.

  • KeltikKeltik GlasgowPosts: 89Member Uncommon

    I'd prefer a sci fi MMO, with Blizz polish and style.

    MOBAs are really not for me, though I did play DOTA a really long time ago, and enjoyed it.

  • AzrileAzrile Houston, MDPosts: 2,582Member
    Titan is going to be Call of Duty in space FPS, with a persistent MMO world and a $15/month subscription.
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