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Sandbox MMOs Help!

Zaiel12Zaiel12 Altoona, PAPosts: 12Member

FFXI ruined me in the way of mmorpgs. Being by far one of te most unique and emerse games to date. The sad part is that is has no equal.
Recently I have been playing Guild Wars 2, but since completing my legendary there is nothing to drive me further and no fees to keep me playing. The Secret World fell short of what it can do. I've dabbled in Rift a lot since its release but it really isn't all that special once you scratch the surface. So I recently turned my head towards looking at more sandbox MMOs. We will all acknowledge EVE so no one mention that lol. But I have my sights of Darkfall: UW, and was going to check out Mortal Online. I was wondering what you guys think. I love PvP, crafting, and I'm depth economy. I at least want something that looks up to date, not like Wurm. And something that I can play now! Lol


  • delimeat567delimeat567 Iowa City, IAPosts: 56Member

    DF:UW is currently in pay-to-beta. If you purchase the game, you get to enter their beta. The release date is still unknown, although they did previously mention the end of January. We can probably rule that out now.


    Mortal Online is free-to-play. If you think you might be interested, then go ahead and give it a shot. Some two things you should be prepared for are: 1) Even after so many years, its a buggy, gritty game. Things don't go smoothly. 2) It's all first-person POV. Always. 


    All that being said, MO is F2P. Give it a shot! I'd wait on DF:UW. Personally, I think DF will be the better game in the end, but I'm not so sure about its current state - seems to be a lot of people loving the beta and hating it (despite the NDA).

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  • firefly2003firefly2003 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,521Member Uncommon
    Check into Archage or the Repopulation both are still in development and havent reach either closed beta or reached the US yet, Repopulation will be F2P and P2P not sure about Archage's business model since just this week Trion Worlds partnered with XL Games, so I think in the next few months we should be hearing some news on that front at least. Both games are hybrids (sandpark) so there should be plenty to do if you have certain things besides just killing  to do.

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