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Avoid this game...for all the wrong reasons.

GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon

This game is an absolutely great game, however, the community just kills it.  There isn't one thing wrong with the game other than the players.  You have ninja looters, DDOSers, rushers that join parties for increased loot, but only rush to kill the boss leaving you unable to complete your quest, the global chat is always being spammed.  You mention any of these things in global and you get flamed, You mention this on their forums, and you'll be banned...yep a great game, ruined by a bunch of 3 year olds.


Edit: I know I have another recent post, but after playing for another few hours and having every single partty full of players doing all the above, I've had enough of it.  I quit, never coming back.  I know you won't miss me, and me leaving really doesn't matter much in the way of the game developer.  If they don't do something to curve the community away from such horrible behavior, droves of people will follow me...


  • SiveriaSiveria Saint John, New BrunswickPosts: 1,234Member Uncommon
    Hate to tell you but this is how the mmorpg community is today in any game. Its really gone down the shitter since wow casualfied the genre. Best thing I can say is to try to ignore it as best you can. A mmo is bad usually in 1 of 2 ways, either the game itself is garbage (mortal online, darkfall, the upcoming darkfall uw) or the community is just horrible. I can stand a meh mmorpg if the community is decent, but a bad community just makes me lose interest fast, and sadly every mmo is like that now a days.

    Being a pessimist is a win-win pattern of thinking. If you're a pessimist (I'll admit that I am!) you're either:

    A. Proven right (if something bad happens)


    B. Pleasantly surprised (if something good happens)

    Either way, you can't lose! Try it out sometime!

  • KroxMalonKroxMalon swindonPosts: 409Member

    The games free and its a goos game. Just play with friends to group. otherwise turn off the chat and play it solo.

    Jees talk about a drama queen.

  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,101Member Uncommon
    I agree with you OP. It won't put me off playing the game though.. I'm not one to be majorly social in MMOs and usually play with the same group of people that I already know in each one. But, two of your problems can be fixed with a change to the free for all loot. I wish the devs would listen to the players.. tons of people have been asking for the loot system to be changed for over a year now.
  • DihoruDihoru ConstantaPosts: 2,731Member
    Find decent people/ get your friends in on it -> go on quests-> ??? -> Profit <3

  • Cod_EyeCod_Eye jarrowPosts: 1,016Member Uncommon
    Been hooked on this game since open beta started, never have joined up with others and yet had no reason to, with all what I have seen in global chat I don't think I will, there are some good players in game, but trying to segregate them from all the douche bags is going to be a mission itself.
  • VarossVaross Posts: 4,053Moderator Uncommon

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