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I want a Good game with a good community!

MageickMageick Daytona Beach, FLMember Posts: 102 Uncommon
please help!


  • TorgrimTorgrim GothenburgMember Posts: 2,088

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Uncommon
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • StoneRosesStoneRoses Seattle, WAMember Posts: 1,273 Uncommon

    Keep looking you will eventually find it!

    It's like seeking out a great place for Coffee or Bakery! The MMO market is saturated with more to come.


  • jjmuggsjjmuggs palmerton, PAMember Posts: 10
    I have to go with VG or TSW but it really how you define "good"  Both games have a more mature community thats not apt to flame/rage/etc  and both have some good gameplay. Good luck!
  • MaephistoMaephisto somewhere, DCMember Posts: 632
    GW2 has one of the best communities around.  Atleast on the server I play on (SBI).


  • KanylKanyl a cold placeMember Posts: 252 Uncommon

    Listen to me, because I know what I am talking about. Community is one of the most important things I am looking for in a mmorpg and I have tried them all, even games you might never heard of before! 


    Some games with good community, is usually the ones with a very small playerbase. That's why I won't mention them, because you won't enjoy games that are empty. So here is the top 3 list:


    1. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Server: Telon

    2. Lord of the Ring Online - Server: Landroval (US) or Laurelin (EU)

    3. Everquest 2 - Server: Freeport (some might not agree with me)


    All games are AWESOME in their own ways, depending of what you like!

    If you like freedom, harsh leveling and time consuming - pick Vanguard! If you LOVE Middle Earth, can handle some instanced areas and so on - pick LotRO! If you like Vanguard, but want a bigger playerbase and easier gameplay or just like something similar to World of Warcraft's structure - pick Everquest 2!


    These games are a win/win for me. They are all good and the community in all the games are awesome! You NEED to check them out and play atleast some hours in each game, before you dump it or like it. It took me 18 hours before I liked Everquest 2 and now it is my all time favorite!


    Good luck! :)

  • BarrikorBarrikor Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 331 Uncommon

    I want a Good game with a good community!

    Tell me when you find it...

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