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Tempted to play EQ2 ? Want to play older Content/Raids ?

rutaqrutaq somerville, MAPosts: 427Member Uncommon



Well we had our first Official Progression Night and began running Splipaw with 4 groups.

There is still time to jump into the Progression Team if you are intersted.  Apply on the Website  and check the Progresison forum Roster for needed classes.






Having group based fun in MMOs shouldn't be so hard but the current MMO design/model pushes us to advance as fast as possible to hit the mythical "End Game" where we sit and complain about the lack of content and things to do.

 Solo'ing, Power levelling, Grinding have become expected norms because we all buy into the idea that the only game worth playing is  "End Game".


But it doesn't have to be only way...


Imagine carving out a small amount of your time to play with like minded friends that actually want to group together and have fun with challenging content that isn't just "End Game".  A Team that is going to group together, advance together, adventure together and see as much of the old EQ2 Dungeons/Raids as possible...

  • No more solo'ing to max level before you enjoy group content...
  • No more having to put in 20+ hours a week to "keep up"...  
  • No more playing "catch up" to high level guild mates.


All you need is...

  • 4-6 hours a week
  • One character slot that will be level locked to match our tiered progression
  • A little bit of teamwork


If this sounds interesting check out the details below and our Guild information at -  I N S T I N C T on Antonia Bayle.

.   Also you can check out the original Guild thread (  



Feel free to reply to the thread with questions, suggestions, interests,etc...


Over the next week we will be ironing out the details, group make up, start date and progression timeline.   



"The Plan"


1)  Average play of 4-6 hours a week. Take it slow, work out a play schedule that is easy to fit into a busy life.

2)  Schedule a couple different weekly Progression Team nights to help give everyone a chance to play. 

3)  Level Locked.  For this approach to work we MUST stay close in level.  No Mentor, No Chrono, just lock your XP and advance as a group.

4)  We want the fun of a challenge so there may be some items or gear from future expansions that will be restricted on a case by case basis.  For the most part powerful level appropriate gear and skills are fine.

5)  We will clear the major quest-line/raid/Epic content 2-3 times before unlocking to the next Raid, this ensures that everyone has a chance participate.

6)  Communication is key, Raiding is a Group focus activity, you will be using Ventrilo and a guild site to track progression, arrange raid schedules and rosters.



  • gtmarkgtmark Boston, MAPosts: 2Member

    Sounds interesting.


    I have played a little EQ2 but never made it past 50th level and never got see any Raids.


    I like the idea of a set schedule, any idea around days/nights, hopefully 8:00pm ish CST  :)

  • rutaqrutaq somerville, MAPosts: 427Member Uncommon

    Depending on how many groups we have built, we are targetting a couple differnet nights a week to start.  One on a weeknight evening  and another on Sat or Sun  maybe afternoon - early evening EST.


    The exact times will be decided based on the players that sign up, so don't worry too much about CST it should work out fine.   If you get a chance just hit our site , register and post in the Progression Team thread to let us know you are interested.


    The Goal of this is to give folks a couple opportunities a week to play in a set group and enjoy original EQ2 content up through the most recent expansion.   

  • gtmarkgtmark Boston, MAPosts: 2Member

    I registered and am ready to go   :)


    Any idea when the team will get started ?

  • rutaqrutaq somerville, MAPosts: 427Member Uncommon

    Everyone excited to start so we will have an informal meeting tomorrow night to review the 2 starting groups and who wants to play what.  We may target Friday night to start levling our characters to 20th,  so far 20th seem slike a good starting point to run a couple dungeons first to work out the kinks before we mess with the speciality T4 epic encounters.


    If you don't have the Vent info, head on over to and register.  The Vent info is stickied in the Game forum area.

  • rutaqrutaq somerville, MAPosts: 427Member Uncommon

    Well, things are moving right along,  we are working on organizing the second Progression group and possibly a third.  If you are intereste we are looking to start on Sunday as a casual play day where folks will do some practice grouping and hanging out as we work up to the initial starting Level lock at 20th level and offical Progression Dungeon next week.


    Check out the updated original post for details.

  • rutaqrutaq somerville, MAPosts: 427Member Uncommon
    We are still Leveled locked at 20 until Sunday 1/27.  So if you are intersted in playing, hit up our website and join us.
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