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[Review] Pirate 101: Strategy & Goofy Pirate Jokes

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Pirate101 is the second MMO developed by Austin game company, KingsIsle Studio. How well does Pirate101 stand on its own compared to stablemate Wizard101? Find out in our latest review!

Aesthetically speaking, Pirate101 is a feast for the eyes. It’s bright and vibrant with just enough dark edges to please just about anybody. Because of its setting, P101 gets to bring in a lot of fun visual effects like squawking parrots, smoking ships, splashing water, clanking swords and more. In addition, KingsIsle is known for its amazing spell effects and those are similarly brought to bear in this game. There are just not enough good things to be said about a gigantic floating skull rising menacingly over your enemy. 

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  • PhntmIcePhntmIce A tale int eh Desert Correspondent McMinville, TNPosts: 16Member Uncommon
    Crown Shop does not give you any major advantage.  A little bit of advantage but can get gear fairly close through questing and hard work.

    "Nothing is Impossible, just highly Improbable."

  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic
    My feeling is that it gives an unfair advantage earlier than most players will see those things. Many aren't willing to put in all the "hard work" and will opt instead to go with the quick fix.

  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

    I've clarified the section with the following:


    I will clarify this, however, by saying that powerful items equal to much of what is in the Crown Shop can be earned in game through questing and vendor purchases with in-game gold. It's a very nice touch that KingsIsle has made these things available to non-Crown users. It will take a lot of questing and hard work but it can be done. The gold purchase items may not be as "flashy" as those purchased in the Crown Shop (this is only speculation on my part), but the power is there.

  • shablalashablala Santan Valley, AZPosts: 1Member
    Crown Items do not give an advantage whatsoever. In fact gear/armor dropped in the game with Power Cards, even early on in the game are still better than using the highest stat Crown Shop armor possible. The biggest flaw in this game, is that Stats mean very little, and guaranteed Power Attacks rule the day. In the end, no matter what class you play, if you have plenty of guaranteed Attacks, you will do much better than another who focused on Stats and has 2 or 3 times more stats.
  • conenwconenw St Anthony, INPosts: 2Member
    My 13 year old son and I both play.  This game is awesome.  Also you are correct in saying the equipment can be drops.  I have just passed lvl 40 and have spent very few crowns here unlike wizard101.  Great job kingsisle.
  • KiraRebornKiraReborn Richmond, VAPosts: 10Member
    interesting report on this game i've played it and it's not half bad for a new MMORPG it's getting there still wizard101 seems to remain the more dominate one. Most of its players didnt go to pirate101 so it must need more on it to attract more to it i think.
  • superlizzardsuperlizzard vancouver, WAPosts: 1Member
    i love pirate 101 i actually found out about when it was mentioned in the login news that pirate 101 was nominated for the players choice goty & most innovative  there was a 'vote now' link now youre stuck with me  hahah  image  im used to turn based cmbat so i havent had any problems yet  i like the cartooniness and wish there more games like this one  i was a little leary of the kiddy factor at first but it really isnt that bad  just not sexually explicit or gorily violent  it has my vote   image
  • donjuldonjul Bullard, TXPosts: 1Member
    I was an avid Wizard101 fan until Pirates101 came out. I agree that at first it was a little hard to get used to but after awhile....Wow! I am now at level 42 and still going. No crowns needed for me, just hard work and enjoyment of the game. Way to go Pirates101 and Kingsisle! Keep up the good work.
  • YuugiMotohYuugiMotoh Mobile, ALPosts: 1Member
    Having played both Wiz 101 and Pirates 101, I have to say that I'm looking forward to having a KingsIsle subscription for quite some time to come. The game worlds are rich, the gming systems are innovative, and I love the sense of fun that both Wizard101 and Pirate101  seem to have woven into every nook and cranny.  In addition, all this is available at a really reasonable price.  It's a win-win situation no matter which way you look at it, because, really, what kid hasn't played pirate at some point?  It's great to be able to recapture part of that now that I'm all grown up.
  • simmihisimmihi -Posts: 622Member Uncommon
    Super-positive reviews made by people with 1 post so far... I remember when Atlantica Online did the same on these boards. No wonder this game won the popularity award. God I wish it was 1990 again. Damn Free to Play plague.
  • Sephiroth216Sephiroth216 TokyoPosts: 2Member
    or maybe because this is one of the only games worth discussing. don't discredit people like myself who don't spend all their time on a game review site. 
  • Sephiroth216Sephiroth216 TokyoPosts: 2Member

    This game brings something new and exciting to the table of MMOs and is fun for the whole family. This is Final Fantasy Tactics style fighting and brings me back to the time when games used to be fun and exciting for all ages. 



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