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Oh Em Gee



  • ibn_Cartwellibn_Cartwell Northwest, MTPosts: 47Member
    Originally posted by sapphen
    I see the trailer and become depressed.  It's a beautiful world they have created but sadly it's looking more like a typical MMO rather than an Elder Scrolls game.  They had no right to take away the core freedoms fans have came to expect out of the series.  It is an established IP that stands by it's own merits with open-ended adventures.  Suddenly they are focusing on PvP DAoC style and taking away defining elements to create this vision.
    Originally posted by DanitaKusor
    Originally posted by QuicklyScott
    Looks really good, but the whole time I was thinking hmm this reminds me of another game.  Very swtor-esque.

    Was thinking exactly the same myself

    - hero engine

    - long CGI trailers

    - little or no gameplay footage released

    Screams another SWTOR to me.

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