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[Column] Star Wars: The Old Republic: Game Update 1.7 Reactions



  • SmintarSmintar Fayette, MEPosts: 213Member Uncommon
    Putting these event on LLum is a bad Idea, again another so call update with no real content and no real bug fixesHowever I will say this about the rep the smuggler and BH should have it both ways BH is hired out for both factions and the Smuggler should do like wise.
  • CeleberegCelebereg Valencia, CAPosts: 38Member
    I recently bought the TOR expansion presale, and then left the game for SWG emu. I have zero interest in TOR or what's mentioned in 1.7 and the continue to do NOTHING to address Erickson's NGE legacy he brought to TOR and detailed in my TOR forum Definitive Issues thread (search it)
  • CeleberegCelebereg Valencia, CAPosts: 38Member

    What an ineffective and clunky approach to the SGR feature, and to an expansion with Hutt.  Not only SGR, but also a failure to continue the class story and companion dialogues (which is also where SGR should have been introduced) and its all a no-show.


    Leadership failure.


    I recently pre purchased Hutt expansion, and then promptly quit SWTOR when I discovered that SWG EMU is functional, and I'm having a blast in the latter, with ZERO desire to play The Old NGEpublic. (TON)


    They botched (can't afford to dig themselves out of) the direction TOR/TON is taking, with the expansion, which raises the cap but the Pillar of Story (class/companion) is AFK.  It's as disjointed in contiguous development as the Erickson-failed expansions were disjointed from SWG's core to Wookie and Trials of Obie Wan expansions.


    Believe it or not, you are witnessing epic failure, and epic failure in leadership, that twice now, fools mixed Star Wars and MMO, and managed to fail miserably.  This expansion sealed their fate.

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