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I love this game!

KanylKanyl a cold placePosts: 252Member Uncommon

I did play Everquest 2 for a year ago, starting from scratch. I did not understand too much, but it came to me the more I played. I had a blast in the game, found some nice americans in a guild and had a great amount of fun. The guild broke, I quit playing Everquest 2 in May and now for the first time, I am back again for real!


I am having such a BLAST! I use this word often in games I like, but this time, I really mean it! I started a Beastlord and only after 15 levels, I am so in love with this class (currently in Timorous Deep, and I love that place)! The questing is FUN, the atmosphere makes everything so immersive and I am tottaly loving it! I get easily distracted by other things, but I am stuck now in this, which is awesome!


Now I just need to find a guild that fit me, and everything will be perfect! I could write so much about why I love this game, but it is just the only mmorpg I find fun these days. Great game, great community....LOVE IT!


I am going to bed now, but for the first time in a very long time, I am looking forward to play tomorrow! :3


I hope some of you play this terrific game, because I don't know any better at the moment! Or else, you should try it! 


  • YizleYizle Atlanta, GAPosts: 517Member

    Well not sure which server you are on but if you are on Antonia Bayle and looking for a guild look us up on the guild tab I N S T I N C T.

    We have members throughout many level ranges. We are a guild with many new/returning players that was started from a post on A lot of helpful people.

    18+ age req and lvl 20+

  • SunscourSunscour RapturePosts: 185Member Uncommon

    Yes, the game is awesome. I love to doodle and go look at things, I tend to die along the way, but that is also what makes things fun. Great quest, I really love the crafting and for me, it is the best 15.00 I spend a month. (Except when I buy Honey Chicken from this really great hole in the wall chinese place.)

    I wish I had more time to play.

    It is very refreshing to see your positive enthusiasm!!

    Life is Short, Read a Book.

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