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so i was wrong

lellyvillelellyville Vancouver, BCPosts: 26Member

I said Tera will be f2p in 2 month after its intial release.

I guess it held up a longer than I expected. Even after the server merge, it took another 4 month for them to go to F2P.

What can I say? Tera Fan boys unite? Best game ever?


  • ScaryMonkScaryMonk LondonPosts: 97Member
    If you throw enough shit at a wall... 
  • rommellorommello calgary, ABPosts: 185Member

    it becomes a shitty wall?


    sorry im just bored

    hallo ~_~

  • ozmonoozmono Not tellingPosts: 1,211Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rommello
    it becomes a shitty wall?

    Rather, I think  the answer is that you can come back and pretend you are admitting your wrong when you're really gloating.

  • cribettcribett manchesterPosts: 124Member Uncommon

    Tera was always going to be a niche game with a small dedicated following and inevitably go F2P in the end . So well done on stating the obvious have a pat on the back .... you genius you ! :)


  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon

    Honestly, it didn't even have to go F2P, EME/BHS just figured it would be the right direction I guess.


    This was never going to be anything but a niche game and you were off by 8 months, you should feel bad.



  • rexzshadowrexzshadow stockton, CAPosts: 1,428Member
    I was thinking they stall till may ish for 1 year and go f2p with the huge alliance patch =X but w/e thats 2k gold less I spend a month on chronoscrolls. Although probbaly spend it on elite scroll soon lolol
  • GhavriggGhavrigg Halifax, NSPosts: 1,160Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rommello
    it becomes a shitty wall?   sorry im just bored

    Damn Mongolians! Stop breaking my shitty wall!

  • ZebladeZeblade Somewhere on the BLUE BALLPosts: 931Member Uncommon
    Lol took you this long to figure it out..
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