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Fiesta Online: Snow-As-You-Go Snowboards Released

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe Land of AZPosts: 16,614MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon

Fiesta Online players have a new mount to enjoy with the release of the 'Snow-As-You-Go snowboards'. With these nifty rides, the snow is always fresh and plentiful and falls around the rider in any environment. The team has put together a great trailer to show them off and players can get free rides from the GMs this week!

All this week, Fiesta's Game Masters will be giving away one-day free rides for players to preview the boards which go on sale this weekend in a variety of exciting designs, starting with the Fiesta and Idol Snowboard Speeder models. There will also be a downhill race for fashionable prizes including stylish snowsuitssnow hats and snow goggles. Those launch event details can be found here.

Find out more at the links above.

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  • crysentcrysent cedar rapids, IAPosts: 837Member Uncommon
    Oh my! this is huge news! will fundamentally change the MMO genre as we know it!!!
  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 2,356Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by crysent
    Oh my! this is huge news! will fundamentally change the MMO genre as we know it!!!
    I know you are being sarcastic, but it definately isn't an idea that has been done as far as I know. I haven't actually ever seen a snowboard in an MMORPG other than as a weapon in Maplestory.
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