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Get DEFIANCE Beta-Keys here.

oneallstarsoneallstars Ahlden, HIMember Posts: 2
If you need a Beta Key just look here. Should be arround 50 Left. Have fun


  • CernanCernan Charlotte, NCMember Posts: 359 Uncommon
    Thanks for the link.  I was able to snag one.
  • oneallstarsoneallstars Ahlden, HIMember Posts: 2
    You're welcome;)
  • DecadentiaDecadentia Saint John, NBMember Posts: 464
    Sadly I don't speak German, and the only translator I've ever tried for Firefox was incredibly convoluted.
  • twelter11twelter11 Winona, MNMember Posts: 4
    Any way I could still get a Beta key? 
  • berlightberlight almadaMember Posts: 156 Uncommon
    is this for weekends only?

    Beta tester maniac

  • krondinkrondin tallapoosa, GAMember Posts: 106 Uncommon
    The 2cd beta was this past weekend, feb 8,9, and 10. The upcoming 3rd beta hasnt had any info released as of today.
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