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UPDATE: Mining

PsiKahnPsiKahn Woodside, NYPosts: 126Member

If you haven't checked the Trials of Ascension site in the last few days you should swing by and check out the devs' recent post on Mining.  Sounds like it's going to be pretty cool, with the possibility to dig just about anywhere for resources.  Skilled miners will be able to go deeper and find better materials, but as always with this game, there are risks!  Collapses, gas fires, and unleashing monsters from below to name a few.

I don't think this is going to involve any actual terraforming so I'll be interested to see exactly how they implement the mining gameplay.


  • PeskeyPixiePeskeyPixie Arlington, WAPosts: 24Member
    I love the features in this game. Finaly we have a developer that not only listens to what the players want but aren't afraid to implement things they way they want without caving in to every whining carebear in the woods! I think they are spot on with the way they are treating magic, mining, player driven economy, environmental impact, innovations.....the list just keeps going on and on. Thank you Forged Chaos LLC for listening to us and making ToA, which I believe to be the best game I have ever seen!
  • IldefonseIldefonse WellingtonPosts: 8Member

    An update on mining: the latest developers podcast has revealed that the majority of currency in the game will actually come from mining in the ground. This means that pretty much all the gold in the economy will be injected by the players themselves, and will NOT come from static NPC merchants that stand around with an infinite amount of gold, ready to buy anything the players throw at them. In fact, there will be no such merchants at all... only player run NPC merchants, stocked by the players for the players.

    I imagine settlement mining shafts will be heavily protected structures.

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