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What are you playing now? What future game are you hoping will succeed?

baritone3kbaritone3k El;k Grove Village, ILPosts: 223Member

Currently Playing: WoW

I am currently playing WoW again. I had initially leveled to 90 then I dropped it, because I am not a fan of the Asian lore. I am a fan of cheesy kung fu, etc. but the Orient lost its appeal to me many years ago.

I came back after dabbling elsewhere and am pleasnatly surprised to find solid raiding experience and a better balance of thigns to do. WoW has done it again. It is almost as good as it was in TBC.


Hoping will Succeed: FFXIV: ARR

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn seems to be a game the have doubled down on and shows good signs of being a solid game rising from the ashes of a game I tried SO HARD to play when it first came out. Gorgeous character art, the best graphics... now a real combat system, an AH... basically the game most of us wanted. I really hope it works out for everyone.

Someone please make a good MMO.



  • AalamrAalamr Tatebayashi, JapanPosts: 72Member Uncommon
    Currently playing phantasy star online 2.

    Waiting on Final Fantasy 14 AAR and NA release of PSO2.
  • ThorkuneThorkune Eastern, KYPosts: 1,958Member Uncommon
    I am currently playing Tera since it is active right now. I am hoping The repopulation is going to be my next long term MMO.
  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    Currently: EQ2

    Hoping: FFXIV: ARR, AA or, further down the line, PFO or EQ Next.

  • GrixxittGrixxitt New Orleans, LAPosts: 545Member Uncommon

    Currently: Chivalry, PS2, Darkfall:Unholy Wars beta  (didn't specify MMOs or not)

    Waiting on: Archeage, DFUW release, Age of Wushu, and eventually Embers of Caerus, EQ next

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  • baritone3kbaritone3k El;k Grove Village, ILPosts: 223Member
    Originally posted by Grixxitt
    Currently: Chivalry, PS2, Darkfall:Unholy Wars beta  (didn't specify MMOs or not) Waiting on: Archeage, DFUW release, Age of Wushu, and eventually Embers of Caerus, EQ next

    I totally get that I didn't specify MMOs, but this is the MMO discussion area. There is an off-topic area for non-MMOs. Technically, we are only supposed to talk MMOs.


    That being said, I did DL Chivalry and am looking to play it a bit. Also loving Dark Souls. Thosre are my current non-MMOs.



    Would also like to state that I have hopes for TESO and Archeage. But FFXIV: ARR is my #1 game.

    Someone please make a good MMO.

  • Goatgod76Goatgod76 Stow, OHPosts: 1,214Member

    Currently: Vanguard: Saga of Hereos

    Hopes: EQ Next or The Repopulation. OR the indie MMORPG Legends of Etherell....if it isn't just vapoware.

  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon

    LOTRO and NHL 2013.



    Want Neverwinter.

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,696Member Rare

    playing D3, STO, PS2

    waiting for Marvel Heroes, and news on titan.

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member

    Planetside 2 a bit, mostly AC/AC2 though. Various single player games.

    Hoping for mostly future single player titles. There's a few upcoming MMO's that sound neat, but meh. It's hard to get motivated for the future of this genre right now.

  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon
    Still playing Guild Wars 2, indifferent to the success of other MMOs now.

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Boca Raton, FLPosts: 1,850Member Rare

    Cool thread.

    Currently playing: Vendetta Online - the game that grew up from four guys in Milwaukee, was based on ideas nobody in the industry would take a risk on, and is still around today being continuously developed and updated after 10 years.  Most recent innovations: multiplayer ships (capital and fighter class) and a mobile-native port letting users play in the same galaxy as pc's and laptops.

    Hoping will succeed: Elite Dangerous - because it looked like this game almost didn't even make it off the ground with the kickstarter, and yet proved the market for twitch-based spaceflight is there.  More competition tends to lead to more innovation, and as a dreamer I see more competition as a good thing.

    "To be what you are not, experience what you are not." -Saint John of the Cross
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  • django-djangodjango-django ElthamPosts: 115Member
    Currently playing: Age of Wushu and The Secret World.

    Hoping will succeed: Age of Wushu once fully released, Final Fantasy: AAR and The Repopulation.

    Honorable mention: World of Darkness (since there is a lot unknown about it.)
  • azzamasinazzamasin Butler, OHPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon

    Playing Skyrim, Torchlight2 and RaiderZ currently.  Ive semi-given up on GW2 because every since the hype train dropped for me for Neverwinter I jsut can't see me playing it because it doesn't offer the kind of content I want.


    Desperatly waiting for Neverwinter.

    Sandbox means open world, non-linear gaming PERIOD!

    Subscription Gaming, especially MMO gaming is a Cash grab bigger then the most P2W cash shop!

    Bring Back Exploration and lengthy progression times. RPG's have always been about the Journey not the destination!!!


  • OgreRaperOgreRaper Detroit, MIPosts: 376Member
    Currently playing the waiting game. Cautiously following TESO, EQ:Next, and WildStar. Hoping one of those will be worth playing.
  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,560Member Rare

    Currently playing: RTS games and their spinoff, the MOBAs. Also could play Vanguard, but I don't Like their "f2p" options(look, if I am going to sub to anything, it would DEFINITELY be Rift). I wanted to play a Druid, but it is locked ( :( :( ). As well as are most interesting races...

    Waiting for: The Secret World purchase, now that it is B2P. It'll be a wonder if I find it before my birthday in March(LOL!). Also, for bot patch in HoN and to see what crazy new things will Riot invent.

    Wanting to Succeed: Worthy games. All of them. Simple as that.

  • JuaksJuaks Posts: 271Member Uncommon

    Currently playing TERA, Age of Wushu CB (NA and RU accounts) and a bit of Vanguard.

    Looking forward FF ARR, Archage, Blade & Soul and EQnext

  • Z0RR0Z0RR0 Quezon CityPosts: 9Member
    Currently playing wow on queue waiting for bg.. i'm hoping that my team will win :)
  • AutemOxAutemOx Fullerton, CAPosts: 1,704Member

    GW2 and some planetside 2

    I hope PS2 and archeage both do well.  Planetside 1 was one of the best games ever made, IMHO, and I would play PS2 more if I had a better computer and friends to play with.  I have a few friends who enjoy GW2 so that is what I do right now; it is pretty good.  I also liked GW1 so I knew GW2 wouldn't be too far from the mark and it is not.


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  • cronius77cronius77 Fairfax, VAPosts: 1,611Member Uncommon

    currently playing a heavily modified skyrim with realism mods and graphics mods for the true sandbox rpg feel.

    Hoping and preying that TESO will be awesome as hell and continue my love of TES games.

  • AnnwynAnnwyn Montreal, QCPosts: 2,797Member Uncommon

    Currently playing : Mabinogi, although I haven't logged in a few days. Pretty much the only MMO I've played lately. Been spending more times with non-MMORPGs as of late (Skyrim and DOTA 2) but that's out of subject.


    Hoping will be a success : There hasn't been much that caught my attention other than ArcheAge. I guess I'd add Phantasy Star Online 2 to that list as well since there are no NA/EU servers yet. Defiance as well, although I don't see myself playing it for a very long time (few weeks tops). That's pretty much it.


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  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,879Member Legendary

    Playing - GW2, TSW, and LotRO

    On Hold - EQ2, STO, and RaiderZ

    Anticipating - Neverwinter and City of Steam.  City of Steam is a mechanical fantasy world with a steam punk atmosphere.  It has a really nice community.  Neverwinter is something I've been looking forward to for a very long time.

    Centuries ago, in primitive times, before the dawn of civilization, there were things that would be inconceivable to us today; such things as poverty, disease, violence, senility, and love.
  • jpnzjpnz SydneyPosts: 3,529Member

    Playing - SWTOR

    Hoping to suceed - All games.

    I can't think how anyone can be petty enough to hope for an entertainment product to fail but that might be my bias talking.

    Gdemami -
    Informing people about your thoughts and impressions is not a review, it's a blog.

  • MarirranyaMarirranya Ortario, OHPosts: 154Member

    playing lol and cabal

    created characters in tsw and gw2 but havent been able to play properly... was in a bus accident  : <

    There are people who play games and then there are gamers.

  • NovusodNovusod Lakewood, NJPosts: 909Member Uncommon

    Playing: Vindictus and slumming through EQ2.


    Not much on the radar really. Maybe Blade and Soul, Mabinogi 2, and EQNext.

  • DzoneDzone bowling green, KYPosts: 371Member Uncommon
    Im not playing any MMO's atm, just waiting for Final Fantasy ARR to come out. Actually playing sims 3 some lately, but that's starting to get boring again. May start up skyrim again idk.
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