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Patch for 1/12/2013 - Big changes to AA and Air

TealaTeala SomewherePosts: 7,569Member Uncommon

Last night a patch was introduced to try to bring some balance to Planetside.    Anti-air got a little buff.     Hopefully, the game will allow for less vehicle domination and more infantry fights now.    Here are the patch notres from last nights patch.



  • Bonus of Composite armor for ESF reduced by 5% each rank (10/15/20/25 down from 15/20/25/30)
  • Base time to reload increased by approximately 25% for tank HE
  • Fixed an issue where lock-on rockets and missiles would sometimes not damage the target they hit
  • Fixed bug with Lightning 100mm AP where its outer radius was set to high
  • Reduced amount of decelerating that occurs after afterburning
  • Acceleration of Reaver afterburner increased
  • Addressing a server memory issue
Flak Mechanics Changes
  • We now remove the flak projectile when it bursts near an enemy aircraft. Previously the projectile was allowed a chance to continue and strike the aircraft directly, which would deal additional damage (burst damage + direct hit damage). We have increased burst damage to compensate for the loss of direct hit damage. This should result in an overall increase to flak damage and make it more consistent
  • Flak burst damage increased by 20%
  • Direct hit damage against infantry and other targets increased
  • Turret movement is now slightly smoother
Phalanx AA
  • Flak burst damage increased by 14%
  • Turret movement is now slightly smoother
MAX Burster
  • Flak burst damage increased by 6%
  • Burster projectile adjusted to more reliably hit infantry that are in close range
  • Direct hits with the MAX Burster can no longer damage the heavy armor of tanks, Sunderers and Phalanx Turrets
So AA MAX's, turrets and Lightnings with flak guns have been given a bit of a buff.     I have triedthe new changes and I like them.    The turrets are smoother - almost to smooth in movement.     Takes a bit of getting use to the new movement - they move like they should and not like they are moving through mud.      MAX is better.    The biggest winner is the Lightning with the flak guns.    If you  are a pilot, beware of these guys now - they hit hard.   
Oh and tanks have a longer reload time now for HE rounds.    That means no more spamming anti-personal projectiles.    This is good.    I love the new changes, because this is starting to give infantry a fighting chance against the onslaught of armor and air that was very prevalent in this game.
Let's hope SOe continues to make changes that make the game a better playing experince for all.  :)



  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member

    Seems good. I imagine pilots are complaining on the sony forums though. image

    Definently a needed buff though. Ground to Air anything wasn't really capable of doing it's job before, even as a "deterrent." Hopefully lock on launchers were fixed so when they detonate they actually deal damage.

  • TalonsinTalonsin Posts: 3,049Member Epic

    I like it but I wish they would do more.  I used to play a heavy and fire rockets at air units but after watching it have almost no effect, I moved on to other classes.


    "Sean (Murray) saying MP will be in the game is not remotely close to evidence that at the point of purchase people thought there was MP in the game."  - SEANMCAD

  • HokieHokie Vancouver Wa.Posts: 1,063Member Uncommon

    Seems to me Teala its just changed it from air dominance to ground armor dominance.


    What it needs is an increase to the flight speed of the heavys rocket, its to slow as it is. I play only the heavy class and unless the vehicle 50 yards away and doesnt see me I dont use my rocket launcher.

    As a matter of fact the only thing the rocket launcher is good for is taking out the engineers machinegun turrents.


    I think it needs either one of these two changes. In my opinion #2


    1) I think it needs a little boost against armor, maybe 2-3%. It also needs a little better splash damage, Im okay with the direct damage vs everything else but armor.


    2) What it really needs is to be semi-guided, maybe 4°- 6° tracking off of centerline (maybe just a little less), along with the missiles increased flight speed ~10% I think.

    *The Decimators flight time should be what the current rockets flight time is.


    Im not anti-PS2 at all, as a matter of fact its been eating up most (if not all) of my free gaming time.

    "I understand that if I hear any more words come pouring out of your **** mouth, Ill have to eat every fucking chicken in this room."

  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Vancouver, BCPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    They're not big changes, it's hardly noticeable to most pilots and there seems to be MORE air than usual. The Skyguard still sucks but the burster MAX seems a little more effective.


  • VirgoThreeVirgoThree Tarzana, CAPosts: 1,197Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by TeknoBug
    They're not big changes, it's hardly noticeable to most pilots and there seems to be MORE air than usual. The Skyguard still sucks but the burster MAX seems a little more effective.

    I definitely felt the difference today in my Reaver. What little flak was hitting me was definitely chewing up my armor faster then before. ESF pilots have to be on their toes even more then before.

  • ericbelserericbelser buffalo, NYPosts: 783Member

    LOL if this is 'better' then it must have been unbearable before...

    I'm sorry but the game is air quake..and not much else...The fighters can be shot down, but the gunships are just friggin tanks and have dominated every battle I have seen.

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