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Patch 1.6.2 Notes



  • Jimmy562Jimmy562 UKPosts: 1,148Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sevenstar61
    I really like how the new UI looks like when you log in... they made quite a bit of changes here: image  

    Don't really get why they changed that to be honest. The little play icons don't even work. 

  • mikahrmikahr ZagrebPosts: 1,066Member
    Originally posted by Luckcrazy

    - Is the commando class still not viable in pvp? (T-T)

    Nope, worse than ever. Youll have to wait for game patch called Makeb (spring so count on late april/may) and see if they actually fix something or break it further.

  • LuckcrazyLuckcrazy PiracicabaPosts: 6Member
    Ok thanks for the answer, a shame though image
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