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This FPS is Amazing - my new favorite

RoxtarrRoxtarr Freeland, MI, MIPosts: 1,122Member

I've discovered the absolute best FPS* ever created.  It's a simulation that goes beyond anything I've ever experienced in 30+ years of gaming.  I stumbled across this gem on Youtube and had to pass it along to my friends here.

Soda Drinker Pro (video walkthough - be careful it has spoilers)

I'm hoping the next DLC lets me drink soda on Mars, or even in a Parking Lot.


*FPS= First Person Soda

If in 1982 we played with the current mentality, we would have burned down all the pac man games since the red ghost was clearly OP. Instead we just got better at the game.


  • madazzmadazz A town, ONPosts: 1,616Member Uncommon
    lol "I wonder if they maybe had an attack at one time on this castle"
  • kadepsysonkadepsyson sun prairie, WIPosts: 1,937Member

    GOTY WoW Killer.

    Seriously though that was pretty funny to watch :)

    El Psy Congroo

  • Domy1Domy1 MansfieldPosts: 40Member

    That's 8 wasted minutes i will never get back in my life

    It's not even funny


  • ZombieKenZombieKen Northwest, INPosts: 5,034Member Uncommon

    I'm a huge fan of beverage entertainment.  It's a largely untapped genre.


    But since you can see the soda, wouldn't it be a TPS?


    Ken Fisher - Semi retired old fart Network Administrator, now working in Network Security.  I don't Forum PVP.  If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.  When I don't understand, I ask.  Such is not intended as criticism.
  • SlyGamer79SlyGamer79 siesta key, FLPosts: 278Member
    I still youtube powerthirst once in awhile lol


  • KingslyleeeKingslyleee New York, NYPosts: 7Member
    FPS Game-love to play it.
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