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World of Steam vs Runescape 2?

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,572Member Uncommon

Between the two which are you more interested in? 

World of Steam has interesting concepts, but Runescape has a history and was many people's first MMO. Runescape new update may be worth checking out for old time fans.



  • BanaghranBanaghran HuisoPosts: 869Member

    Hmm, neither, since hollywood started implanting steampunkish stuff into adventure movies from 1600's to 1900's i am getting tired of it, and the new combat system in Runescape has disappointed me greatly, so i expect the next jagex product/update to be "wow, now with grind, bugs and much lower fps!" :)


    (and i think "next" will be rs3, not 2, classic was rs1, if we are talking about the sam things)

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  • CranktrainCranktrain East SussexPosts: 25Member

    I played Runescape classic back in the day, so the 'Runescape' name has some nostalgia to me. Also, Jagex have been doing a few interesting things lately, like publishing Ace of Spades (the voxel FPS) and so maybe they won't default straight to the grind-fest of many modern MMOs.



  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    Never played RuneScape. I did play City of Steam, and they have the start of a very good looking game. The game runs smoothly and it is easy to get started with the game. My only worry would be that the game probably incorporates too many standard theme park quest elements.

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