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[Column] General: Greetings and Salutations



  • TheMagickDollTheMagickDoll Indianapolis, INPosts: 29Member
    Just one of many CoH fans and look forward to seeing columns done on here by you. I think it is a great idea and will be curious to see what discusses and insights come of it. I will always have paragon city in my heart!
  • AmarantharAmaranthar OhioPosts: 2,873Member Uncommon

    It's been four days. Are we getting any feedback?

    Maybe he didn't level up enough for a reply button yet.

    Once upon a time....

  • AstelarAstelar BarcelonaPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    POSITRON banned me cause do famous Superheroes.

    Damn you

  • auscultaausculta Springfield, MOPosts: 8Member
    I had the pleasure of knocking you out of the sky and keeping you grounded on my Mastermind during the CoV end of closed beta event. I miss CoX.... Looking forward to reading your articles.


  • lorenzo111lorenzo111 dallas, TXPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    Matt welcome to the site, I have two questions for you.

    Q: Why cant developers get past class balance? Many have attempted but never got it right. All in all it just frustrates the gamers who constantly have to keep relearning from all the nerfs. I would rather a developer come out and say the class is working as intended and if you dont like it switch classes. TBH balance is a pipe dream.


    Q: From a dev point of view, How do you feel about pushing a game out early? The majority of MMOs that have been release were bug riddance piece of ****. For the record I have to admit there has been some exceptions but they are defintely not the norm. I know investors want as quick as a return as possible but do they not take into consideration possible lost of subscribers with a Day 1 atomic bomb? Are the devs behind the scenes jumping on desks begging for the love of man to wait longer, or are they yes men saying Sure.

    Thanks for the column and opportunity to speak to a "insider" 

  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon

    Greets Sir.  Cool to have you here at


    I look forward to reading your column.  Always interested in free educational opportunties when they arise. :-)


    Ken Fisher - Semi retired old fart Network Administrator, now working in Network Security.  I don't Forum PVP.  If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.  When I don't understand, I ask.  Such is not intended as criticism.
  • kaungstkaungst Gotham City, NYPosts: 28Member

    Heya Matt, i was a BIG CoH fan and played since beta, It's a shame we lost such a great game, 

    Now the question part :)

    In game development, how important are classes, I know when CoH was in early stages there werent any. you could pick what powers suited you, what changed that and was it a good thing lol

    Also are you going to be joining any game dev team anytime soon? I look forward to playing more games you have a hand in.

  • cityofheroessavecityofheroessave ca, CAPosts: 23Member

    Hi man I like to have a phone vall with Miller on a p privet subjest on City of heroes,. and give my thansk for his hard work andeffered to not only to him as well as his entire team that worked on it over those years,.

    becuase my access to phone numbers are at a no show,,. so I made the point to point pout some  thing I was reading over  internet . like that deal with Miller and NCSOFT for buying off the rights to City of heroes. Onw4er ship to the  MMORPG and as well as publishing rights,. my data that I was researching is noted it w3ent great however on the last minute or 60 seconds pending on what view point you want to lookat it. the deal  died from a atom bomb destorying what little help we all was hoping for. it was that close.

    I think its time for a rematch,. i recomnad a kickstarter to get the money for Miller to get the onwer ship of City of heroes. so that the amount of money that is handing forver to NCSOFT might make NCSOFt to change there minds.

     Please Matt Miller   KA Positron. I like a phone call with you on some  ideas and consern and what ever subjest you have in mind,. I like to ehar what you ahve to say on the mater and what I can give you support on the mater

    thank you

  • cityofheroessavecityofheroessave ca, CAPosts: 23Member

    I got a few ides to add to it  for example Mod city of hereos Freedom ith all 24 issues to run  or play the game wtih out the online servers. if NCSOFt wants to be stupid to the fans. its not going to be the same as online gamming however it will give the chance to play City of hereos freedom and contiune  enjoying it. one of those others ideas iwanted t otalk to Miller about

    if there is no online servers. go around it. like what this is cfalled working out oside  of the box.

    Lets put away the idea that MMORPG must be online only. doing online only gets NCSOFT the upper hand to kill what ever service they want with  out a good excuse why.

    MMORPG must be played with  out the use of online servers and have a online  game play as a option. and not have any option for  the players

    I beleave the freedom  online of off line gamming,.

    lets work on this ideas p;lease. I know  MMORPG is not to be played off line. however too many MMORPGS had died and its time to go around these option

    I havenothing to look fowArd to. I test driven others MMORPG and nothing f worked for me online City of Heroes, City of Villains and City of Heroes Freedom and  what ever City of hereos did come out. was the only game I ever wanted.

    please foward my reqest to Miller thanks]


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