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Needing Advice / Looking for a new MMO

Cyran.PrimeCyran.Prime Gilbert, WVPosts: 6Member

Our guild is currently waiting on some other MMOs that aren't going to be ready for at least another year, and we're bored to death of not having one since our last (TOR) drove us insane.  So, we need a new one and would like some suggestions since we're having a hard time agreeing on what one to play.  Here some details on what we're looking for and some dislikes that we have:


 - We really enjoy Instance PvP such as 8v8s, 10v10s, etc, but don't enjoy smaller Instanced PvP like Arenas on 3v3s, we also enjoy Open PvP.  Lack of larger Open PvP drove us away from our last MMO, TOR.


 - We also like high level content PvE, we like doing things for fun, but also like to feel as if we are doing something that can help our characters out in all forms of content and not just PvE (although thats rare).  We like awards such as, armor or weapon customizations / apparences, fast mounts / vehicles that are better than most high level ones, or things that can be sold for a lot of money in game, you get the jist.  This is one of the core things that drove us off of our last MMO, TOR, since we felt that the only purpose to do raids was to get the gear to do harder raids, to get nothing.


 - We would like to have something where we could build a character to be support, full tank, full DPS, even a hybrid or something without the trinity even.  A few of us was frustrated on GW2 (loved everything else in the game though,) since we didn't feel that support builds was viable in an open roaming team; or at least the classes our supports had picked.


 - We dislike games that almost everyone uses the same build on a class since it's the "all around best," we like being able to build our classes different and still be able to enjoy ourself and still kick some *** with it, instead of being forced to do 1 type of build.


 - Crafting isn't a biggie, I like it, but I'm only 1 of 2 that does enjoy it in our guild.


So...what this pretty much boils down to is, do you think we should go back to GW2, or try something else?  Monthly fee, F2P, or anything doesn't matter to us, as long as we'll enjoy it.  If you think we should go back to GW2, are there any viable builds that have a lot of emphasis on support for an open roaming team?  Thanks.


  • RingsideRingside joliette, QCPosts: 248Member Uncommon

    Rift could be a good choice. Tera recentely got better and is going ftp in feb.

    Also asherons call 2 made a come back if you want some old school feeling

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