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Supports/will support nVidia 3D?

DobuzinskyDobuzinsky Roseville, CAPosts: 9Member

I'm looking for a game(s), preferably MMORPG, that support or WILL support nVidia's 3D stereoscopic system.  I currently play Battlefield 3, The Secret World and Aion.  I've been searching this site and the "official" sites, but they don't specify if this is supported.  nVidia's site names a few, but I'm hoping against all odds that there are more out there or upcoming.

Unfortunately, since exploring 3D, going back to 2D is a let down!  Thanks!


  • botrytisbotrytis In Flux, MIPosts: 2,836Member Uncommon
    Ever look on their website for games that support it? Probably easier than asking on a forum.


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  • karmathkarmath Posts: 856Member Uncommon
    Not much hope OP, since Nvida have reduced really good tech to a rarley used marketing gimmick like phys x is.
  • DobuzinskyDobuzinsky Roseville, CAPosts: 9Member

    As I said in my post, I HAVE/do check their website regularly.  I was hoping against all odds that it is out of date, uninformed.

    Thanks any rate.

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