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Nvidia's New 'Console'



  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,357Member Epic
    Originally posted by lizardbones
      Originally posted by Quizzical
    Originally posted by lizardbones I was thinking $250 because that's what other handhelds go for. $150 was just kind of wishful thinking. It doesn't have anything to do with the hardware or what it's capable of doing. I think it depends on how people see the device. Is is a gaming handheld? Then $250 is the price. Will they see it as a Mini Android PC, aimed at Gaming? If so, then the $350 is the price. It looks like a gaming handheld device to me. I know what else it has, and what else it can do, but looking at it, I think, "Handheld gaming device for Pokemon". Nvidia is probably thinking it's a "thing that will do what the Segway was supposed to do to the world" and they'll price it accordingly. It will be very interesting to see though. I think it's great when devices devoted to gaming make a big splash, so it would be really cool if this made a big splash.  
    The hardware and what it is capable of doing does matter, though.  On the day that the PlayStation 3 launched, it cost a lot more than a PlayStation 2 did that day.  When the PlayStation 4 launches, it will cost a lot more than the PlayStation 3 does that day.



    I wonder somewhat if there would be a market for an AMD Temash-based device comparable to Nvidia Shield.  If Shield takes off, then someone will probably make it.

    That is true. Newer generations of things tend to get more expensive. This is the latest generation of handheld gaming devices, so it would be inline with expectations that it will be the most expensive.

    Gaming's central philosophy seems to be, "Bigger, Better, Faster, More". If the AMD Temash APU fits that philosophy, then I think it's inevitable that something comes out for it. I think a handheld in the form factor of the Shield that runs Windows 8 and that will run Windows games would sell very well. Not if it was priced at $1,300...but at some reasonable price, yeah, it would rock.


    AMD Temash would actually be a very different proposition, because of x86 rather than ARM.  On the bright side, x86 means that basically any Windows game will run on it, so you have a huge install base of well-known games.  But it also means you need to buy a Windows license, which is cost++;  And then while many games will nominally run, some of them won't run well.  Not being able to make a game playable on a 1 GHz quad core isn't necessarily a sign of being badly-coded, either.

  • AdamaiAdamai derbyPosts: 476Member Uncommon
    android arcane legends runs like a dream on my phone but is so bad on my pc qaud core 32 gig of ram asus ati 7770 1gig ddr5

    not to mention 3 raided 500 gig sata3 hdd.- on amid range gigabit board. nor the best pc in the world but knocks the socks off any console tablet or handheld device displaying in 1920x1080 HD so ill passon this new kids toy.
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