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  • AngryBeaverAngryBeaver Meggett, SCPosts: 34Member Uncommon
    You dont have to buy it. JUst sub to Ac1 and you get the Beta free.
  • SenanSenan Tuscaloosa, ALPosts: 784Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kaneth
    Originally posted by Seillan
    Originally posted by Kaneth
    Originally posted by Seillan
    Originally posted by Raserei
    Level 46 and still enjoying the game. I'm mixing up exploring, crafting, grouping, grinding, and questing together. I'm still learning about new things at level 46. So many "mini-mechanics" , it's great!

    I've been messing around with different classes to find one that fits. I was initially doing a melee/sage hybrid, but was disappointed to hear about how gimp they apparently are later on, due to not having an adept skill. I didn't realize how important it was at first. I really hope Turbine eventually adds an adept skill for the base trees themselves, or something to that extent. There's quite a bit of room for some potentially interesting hybrid builds, but until they address the accuracy issues with them, it doesn't seem like they would be able to compete against specialized classes with adept trained, at least in the upper level content.

    For now, I think I'll probably go with a Defender as my main. I'll likely be soloing a lot and I figured they were a good choice for it.

    Honestly, Adept is only important for certain classes, such as classes that really need to hit with their abilities each time (such as a Sorcerer). Adept only affects your chance to hit with the abilities in your tree that require a hit check, and maybe 1-2 skills in the base trees. Pets aren't affected by the adept hit chance (at least as far as I can remember), and skills such as heals and buffs don't require a "to-hit" check. Adept is a fine defensive tool in pvp, but your defense is only increased vs. the skills that your adept affects.

    What killed hybirds (like the melee/sage), is that the base skills don't typically scale past 50, save a few abilities. So, a melee/sage will be able to heal himself in battle, but at some point your base attacks aren't going to hit for a lot of damage and you're going to be stuck in a fight where you and the mob can't kill each other. Level 1-50 the base skills are pretty great and you can scale in power pretty rapidly. You will need to specialize once the hero quest is fixed and we're able to level beyond level 50.


    Ah, well, I figured the accuracy boost that is gained through adept (and the skills that benefit from it) would make them hit quite a bit more often in the later levels - it was mainly just speculation on my part. I had also heard that adept affected accuracy for your melee auto-attack, but I guess that isn't true? I also wasn't aware that the evasion boost only worked on skills that they affect, so thanks for the info.

    As for the skills not scaling, I was surprised to see that 5 of the lugian base melee skills actually do scale to 150, and they happen to be the better moves available in the tree. That includes Reap Essence, which is a life/vigor stealing attack. Compared to the Defender build that I've also been messing around with, it's only about two less attack skills that go to 150.

    The sage/melee build actually seems like it would be viable, as far as skills go, I was just afraid that I'd be lacking a lot of accuracy, compared to someone playing a specialized class with the adept skill trained. I'm planning to level it up anyway though, so I guess I'll see how it plays out. If nothing else, I'm hoping that it can be more of an "endurance" character - maybe not so fast at killing, but can possibly survive for awhile with the heals and vigor-maintaining potential.


    Edit: Just to be clear, when you say "scale", do you mean that certain skills automatically scale past level 50 as you get higher level, or were you referring to the skill levels for each skill (some being capped at 50, while others can be raised to 100 or 150)? There's still a lot I don't know about the game, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something heh.

    For scaling, I was referring to skills that don't go past skill level 50.

    The other thing you'll wind up lacking in your Melee/Sage build later on is proper defense. Defenders and FIs which are the tank classes, get personal armor buffs, which is something hybrid melee/healers lack. So you're going to wind up taking damage like a DPS class, but without the glass canon to back it up. Hybrids were pretty much killed off once the hero patch went in, which made me a sad panda.

    As for getting evades. Once your GM and Paragon are maxed, the evades are less and less. Additonally, at the higher levels there are +accuracy items/enchants that can help with miss rate as well. The lower levels are mired with "evade, evade, evade" over and over, but that only lasts so long.

    Ah ok, that's what I figured. I just wanted to make sure.

    Well, with the melee/sage build I put together, I'll have the Fortify buff which gives me an extra 100 natural armor when maxed at 100. I'll also have two HP buffs (one from the melee base tree) for an added total of an extra 600HP. Not to mention, the recurrent ministration HoT buff that can be kept on continuously once it's maxed (although, I guess the Defender gets one just as good). Then there's the vigor regen buff (300% out of combat, 10% in-combat) that sages get, and mixed with a couple of other little buffs from the melee tree (like the 2/5 HoT that I think would stack with the recurrent ministration), I don't think a sage/melee is quite as fragile as a dps class. Although I definitely won't take damage nearly as well as a tank (I wouldn't expect to, really), I would hope to make up for it by the extra HP, vigor regen capabilities (including direct abilities), and better heals in general. Then, of course, there's reap essence, which I imagine would be a nice benefit to sustainability.

    For now, I can only theorize of course, but it seems like the sage/melee kind of balances out, just in other ways. I guess I'll see for myself once I get one in the upper levels. Worst comes to worst, I can just respec him into a Jugg or something. I'm hoping though, that Turbine might eventually make the base trees a bit more comparable to the others, so that hybrid builds can once again be seen as viable. The more room for decent build variety, the better.


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