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What does sandbox mean to you?



  • OberholzerOberholzer Hasbrouck Heights, NJPosts: 498Member
    At this point all sandbox means to me is endless threads discussing what it is or comparing its merits to other types of MMO's. 
  • ApraxisApraxis RegensburgPosts: 1,508Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Orenshii
    Show me a feature in a sandbox ill show you it in a themepark.   The only difference is the words themselves.   world pvp? seen in many themeparks Skills over levels? seen that in a themepark too rocks that run out of ores? themepark also Landscape changed by the people of the game? seen that one too.. Live a life without hunting monsters? yep have done that also in a themepark.     I think someone came up with another way to segregate and categorize games just to start a fight amoungst people.   O

    Placeable/Buildable/Destroyable World Objects. Like a house, a Tree or what ever else will stay persistence in a world for everyone as long as it will be destroyed. Ok, name one Themepark mmo with that feature... and i will call it a sandbox. ;)

    Point is.. there is not one. In Themeparks houses are undestructable, houses are in most cases in a instanced housing zone or the like, or with no persistent housing at all.

    The core of sandboxes are objects you can place in the world or destroy from the world. And the most probably very best example is Minecraft. Dynamic objects, dynamic world.. and with dynamic is meant that you can place that object in the world, use it in one or another, or even different ways, and destroy it finally.. and of course it have to be persistent for everyone.. with other words, when i can use/destroy it so you shall use/destroy it too.


    And there is a reason for it. It would be rather irritating if you could destroy the quest hub, or quest items and noone could finish it... so everything stays the same forever with the available to enjoy the theme.

    In a sandbox themes will be build up on the fly and maybe demolished one day later.. sandboxes are in a state of flux.. themeparks are not. It really is simple.

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by DrunkWolf
    its peoples opinions, ask 10 different people what a themepark/sandbox is and you will get 10 different answers and a thread full of argueing over who is right.

    Exactly. And main reason so many games are flamed by .. ue ue ue ... i want my sandbox ... no, no, .. ueeee ... ueee ... i want my thmepark. Bah. Such discussions should be cut short. You enjoy - play. You do not - leave. Do not know from where comes that insatiable desire to CONVICE whole world that that certain game sucks, shuld be doomed, deleted, ... whatever.

  • AkulasAkulas GoldcoastPosts: 1,924Member Uncommon
    anywhere you can see a piece of land and go I want to build a house there and you can + has terraforming. Then it's a sand box. Pretty easy. Think of a blank sand pit. Can't see why hardly anyone can't get what a sandbox is right. It's not that hard.

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  • azzamasinazzamasin Butler, OHPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon

    Non-Linear and Free to go as I choose and do as I please.



    Nothing else even comes close to the basic definition of a sandbox.  Those who say you need to build stuff or have FFA PvP are wrong, thsoe are just systems common to sandboxes but not a necessary indication of systems needed.


    Sandbox = non linear, free form, freedom


    thempark = hand holding, linear, rigid systems intent on guiding a player though out the game.

    Sandbox means open world, non-linear gaming PERIOD!

    Subscription Gaming, especially MMO gaming is a Cash grab bigger then the most P2W cash shop!

    Bring Back Exploration and lengthy progression times. RPG's have always been about the Journey not the destination!!!


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