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Remember Infantry Online by SOE? It's back and FREE

matty281kmatty281k manchesterPosts: 1Member


Someone posted on here few months back about SOE shutting down Infantry Online, it's been re opened and is free to play on a public server.


Just thought you guys might be interested as it used to be a hughley popular MMORPG b4 SOE messed it up


  • InfinityDInfinityD Long Beach, CAPosts: 33Member

    Loved this game to death. Think towards the end i had 3~ months worth of time in game. Played for years through free and p2p. I'll bite and download it again.


    EDIT: 11 people playing... sad.

  • comradeseancomradesean Birmingham, ALPosts: 4Member
    It wasn't "by Sony", Sony bought it and ruined it, pre-sony (when it was free) it was the best game ever and had tons of people. Post-sony it was decent and had a severely diminished player base.
  • VarossVaross Posts: 3,231Moderator Uncommon
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