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  • VengerVenger Posts: 1,295Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Torik
    Originally posted by botrytis
    As the old saying goes, 'Don't piss in my sandbox, I won't piss in yours.'   I am kind of sick of people whining about this topic - it seems nothing is ever good enough for them. You get one, you get one - you don't OH well - play something else.

    Of course, a big part of the problem is that some peopel are insisant that it's not really a sandbox if they cannot make other players play in urine-soaked sand.

    Yep agree with this completely.

  • BoardwalkerBoardwalker Austin, TXPosts: 388Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Salenger
    Eve: Repetitive and boring.


    You did it wrong. Check out, click the link in my sig for a free trial, and look me up ingame. I'll get you started.

    They can adjust a game all day, but they can't help the issue between the keyboard and the chair.
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  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Somewhere, NCPosts: 1,592Member Uncommon
    You may want to give Age of Wushu a second look. I wouldn't really classify it as fully sandbox - it's more of a sandpark than anything else I've played. But it is a good change of pace from the standard western fare.


  • SlampigSlampig Chantilly, VAPosts: 2,341Member Uncommon

    Seems to me I recall that gamers HAD their sandboxes and also seems to me gamers failed to support their sandboxes.

    Also seems to me there are a few out there at this very moment, why not check them out?

    That Guild Wars 2 login screen knocked up my wife. Must be the second coming!

  • someforumguysomeforumguy HomePosts: 3,700Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Slampig
    Seems to me I recall that gamers HAD their sandboxes and also seems to me gamers failed to support their sandboxes.

    Even in the end, SWG still had very loyal followers and subscribers. And even SOE claimed that SWG was still financially viable. Did that make any difference? You are a fool to assume that players have that much influence on those companies. The influence is only there if the company is still willing to try to make their product succesful.  But once they change their mind, you become powerless as customer.

    Sure, you can vote with your own wallet blabla, just don't actually expect a company to notice that.

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