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Best MMORPG you've ever played



  • RedJorgeRedJorge LisbonPosts: 106Member

    Ultima Online and Lineage 2.

    All others are kids play compared with these 2 games.

    Nowadays games are designed for teens locusts that want to play for free and all of them fail miserably.

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    Penny: Yes, so is Sheldon.
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    [walks away]
    Penny: Wait, wait. Sheldon. Come back, you forgot something.
    Sheldon: What?
    Penny: This plasma grenade.
    Penny: [laughs] Look! It's raining you.
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  • AfterlifeAfterlife Dover, DEPosts: 256Member Uncommon

    All around: EQ1 pre-planes of power

    PvP: Eve Online/Dark Age of Camelot tied


  • AnnwynAnnwyn Montreal, QCPosts: 2,799Member Uncommon

    I think I'll go with a few MMOs that haven't been mentionned yet (or very little), simply because there are also hidden gems out there.

    An unusual mention, as it's always been under the radar despite being one of the more succesful P2P titles, I'd have to say Dofus.

    The game is not as fun as it was back then however, but it's still one of the few MMO where I've spent countless hours playing. The classes are all very distinct and unique with several ways to play them. The turn-based system (a la FF Tactic Advance) required players to use their brain a little to survive and win. The game had that comical aspect to it as well (lot of play-on-words), and NPCs had their own personalities as well.

    Other mention would go to Ragnarok Online for the very diverse classes and Mabinogi for the rather difficult nature of the game.


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  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Pacific Northwest, WAPosts: 682Member Common

    Ultima Online, with Shadowbane coming in a close second.

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  • sirphobossirphobos Posts: 619Member Uncommon
    EQ1 during Velious.
  • grimalgrimal Stamford, CTPosts: 2,895Member Uncommon

    Easily, Ultima Online.  No MMO has come close to the breadth and options of this game.  It may have suffered by technical limitations at the time (no chat box, for instance), but nothing has come close to it since.


  • AvsRock21AvsRock21 Denver, COPosts: 256Member Uncommon

    Lots of non-mmos being listed here. LoL is not an mmo..


    The best mmos I have played are EVE and SWG. I also played WoW for a time because everyone was playing it. It is the best themepark I have played.

  • motoratonmotoraton valenciaPosts: 42Member Uncommon
    mm have like 5 years playing mmos and i played wow, lotro,aion,silkroad,gw2,forsaken world,talisman online, city of heroes and the secret world. and for me the best of best is the secret world in second place maybe lotro or wow 
  • SunscourSunscour RapturePosts: 186Member Uncommon


    Because of friends, really the best reason people play.

    No matter the game it always comes back to friends.

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  • IIIcurrierIIIcurrier Kalispell, MTPosts: 88Member
    Asheron's Call 1, 12+ years, never really been bored.
  • AlberelAlberel LondonPosts: 1,121Member


    Besides the fact that it was a fantastic game I still think forced grouping is the best means of building a strong community and wish more games would follow the same route instead of making everything solo...


  • DerangedcowbrainDerangedcowbrain Tucson, AZPosts: 56Member Uncommon

    1. SWG--Nothing has ever compared to pre-NGE. I'm not sure if anything ever will. Freedom to do what you want and customize your character and world. Unriveled before it's ultimate doom.

    2. DDO--Heavily (almost totally) instanced, but cool D&D based class system with a up to 3 classes (unless that's changed recently). You can block and tumble (wished tumbling was more usefull, but it looks cool and I was addicted to it).

    3. EQ2--Spent a lot of time there, and went back several times.

    4. EVE--Weird, I'm not much of a PVPer, but I loved it's customization of the ships and the open universe. I happily ran missions; I'm sure I'll go back and try it again, again.

    5. Fallen Earth--Semi Sandboxy.

    And then a whole bunch of nothing. Tried WoW of course, but the cartoony and miserbly uncostomizably PCs and world makes it not feel right from the first second on. Played 2 week trial,bought the game and played the 30 days. That was enough. Similiar to SWTOR--bought the game just after it came out, but didn't finish the 30 days. Played 15 or so and never logged in since. Waste of $50. I've been around a long time (look at my join date; but look at my # of posts in that time, and most of them are about SWG!) and am not sure why I even come here anymore except to hope that there will finally be another MMO I want to play.


  • NightliteNightlite Maple Grove, MNPosts: 225Member Uncommon

    Eve Online - Its tuff to say this is anything but the greatest player created world ever imagined. Supply and demand economy is an endgame that always renews itself and creates greed fueled conflict.


    Age of Conan - Say what you will... but bad players were bad, no matter what. This added an element to PvP and PvE that numbers couldn't always account for. IMO best raiding and pvp experience I've had to date. (this is pre 1.5)


    Aion - Endless character customization.. always felt like an indvidual.  Powerful classes and players were something you had to take notice of.... not be nerfed to oblivion.


    No favorite among them, but if I could roll those three up into one MMO...

  • bliss14bliss14 eleva, WIPosts: 574Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by VitaminK
    Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings Game was simply amazing, whole landscape changed after world events, awesome community. Sad it died so young :'(

    It's back, you should go play it :)

    For me, the most time invested was WoW because I knew the most people personally.    But the best MMO for me was Guild Wars 1.   

  • VolnusVolnus Chandler, AZPosts: 40Member Uncommon

    Tied For First SWG and GW2

    Second Place Aion

    Third Place EVE


    The tie for first place is kind of obvious best themepark game to date and the best sandboxish mmo to date (before shutdown =(

  • PK4GoldPK4Gold Lafayette, LAPosts: 61Member Uncommon

    For me is a toss up between EQ1 , UO , AC1

    The only thing that keeps me from picking UO is because when i played UO it was on Dialup modem and the lag  and rubberbanding was at times frustrating! lol but great game non the less so is why i listed it.


  • AxehandleAxehandle Florida, FLPosts: 147Member

    I see there's more negative threads in the pub. Let's counter all the bad vibes by talking more about great mmorpg experiences.


    Edit: anyone still playing aion I'm considering joining and would like to hear first hand experiences.

  • spookydomspookydom BristolPosts: 1,782Member Uncommon
    Going to have to say WoW. It's the people you play with that make a mmorpg and I was very lucky to get to play with almost my entire social circle for five years. Remember us all queing at midnight in my local 24 hour supermarket to buy BC as it was the only place that was stocking it at that time, and the que was going all the way out through the front doors and into the parking area. Don't play anymore but it deffinitley held my attention longer than any other mmorpg to date.


  • AxehandleAxehandle Florida, FLPosts: 147Member
    Originally posted by PK4Gold
    For me is a toss up between EQ1 , UO , AC1 The only thing that keeps me from picking UO is because when i played UO it was on Dialup modem and the lag  and rubberbanding was at times frustrating! lol but great game non the less so is why i listed it.  

    Do you still play any of these games?

    Im sure the new high speed technology would make Ultima better. 

    Not to sound like a noob but what is AC1?

  • GiffenGiffen Lacey, WAPosts: 276Member Uncommon

    Dark Age of Camelot kept me going for about 4 years of play time, longer than any other game. 


    Everquest was next with about 2 years.


    I don't think anything else even comes close.

  • sacredfoolsacredfool Posts: 840Member Uncommon
    Anarchy Online (ooollllldddd ) and currently EVE.

    Originally posted by nethaniah Seriously Farmville? Yeah I think it's great. In a World where half our population is dying of hunger the more fortunate half is spending their time harvesting food that doesn't exist.
  • OnigodOnigod Noord-HollandPosts: 756Member Uncommon
    Darkfall 1
  • ShortyBibleShortyBible Posts: 409Member Uncommon
    Without a doubt Ultima Online. Played many others , but can hardly recall them, with the exception of Vanguard.
  • RoguewizRoguewiz The Lone Star StatePosts: 635Member Uncommon

    For PvP:  Dark Ages of Camelot, League of Legends

    Character Customization:  Shadowbane, SWG, and Dungeons and Dragons Online

    PvE: Everquest, WoW (Vanilla to WoTLK...Cata and MOP are meh)

    By far, my top games are Shadowbane, SWG, and Dungeons and Dragons Online.  I'm all about customization and options.  I hate being shoehorned into a class that is like everyone else.

    Don't get me wrong, WoW isn't bad, it just isn't great.  After WotLK, Blizzard began to over simplfy the game and make it far too accessible.  It isn't a bad thing that they want to let people in, but it is problematic when they begin to lose long time players because the game is too dumbed down.

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  • VarossVaross Posts: 4,242Moderator Uncommon
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