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[Poll] Which pvp ruleset prevents more the ganks?



  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,333Member Epic
    Originally posted by laokoko
    But seriously, what FFA PVP game have significant punishment for ganking?  Why allow people to do FFA PVP but punish them?  That dont' make sense.

    Uncharted Waters Online has FFA PVP in most of the world, at least at sea.  I've been attacked seven times in more than a year of playing the game.  Only one of those attacks was by a group, and I was in a group of five at the time.  Strong enough deterrents for piracy do work, but they have to be pretty brutal to be effective.

  • IselinIselin Vancouver, BCPosts: 8,678Member Epic

    A better question is "what is the purpose of PvP?" If PVP is all about fighting a toon with better intelligence than the canned AI that mobs have then...

    ...ganking lowbees makes about as much sense as a level 90 with 300K HPs fighting a level 1 mob...or even more to the point, an invisible level 90 sneaking up on a level 1 mob... or a group of 6 level 90s doing the same... in other words it is laughable, no-challenge, nonsensical behavior.

    Think about that PVE analogy: It is very stupid behavior that could only be enjoyed by very stupid people. And yet, we see hundreds of "we don't want no stinking penalties" "if you don't want to get ganked don't play in a PVP server" and equally idiotic posts that are beside the point.

    News flash: real PVPers want to play against human-controlled toons because it's more fun and we want the challenge. period.

    Ganking someone 50 levels below me or ganking a single player with my zerg of 20 is a waste of time and it's nothiing more than griefing. If I'm level 90 the fun is in fighting other level 90s. If I'm with 20 other players, the fun is in fighting 21 enemies.

    People don't avoid ffa PVP servers because they're carebears. They avoid them because they are populated with a disproportionate number of anti-social asshats who get their jollies from ruining another random stranger's 1 hour of after work play time.

    Any "solution" you come-up with has to have the above understanding firmly in mind. Ganking is not just a slightly bad thing, it is a PVP killer that only asshats enjoy.

    So... ideas? Invulnerability on the fly: someone more than 2 levels below you is invulnerable to your attacks. Programmed up/down scaling: 20 vs. 5 in the general vicinity of a fight? Upscale the 5 or downscale the 20 to even the playing field... it can be done on the fly--GW2 does it (with some success) in dynamic events.

    I'd much rather play in a PVP server with mechanics to make every PVP fight more meaningful. Casual, no-challenge ganking is for anti-social scrubs.

  • maccarthur2004maccarthur2004 SPosts: 511Member Uncommon

    This poll shows that, unlike some people are saying in the threads about pvp, ffa pvp dont implies necessary in more ganks.


  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard La BarrePosts: 6,014Member Epic
    None of those.
    "The ability to speak doesn't make you intelligent" - Qui-gon Jinn in Star Wars. After many years of reading Internet forums, there's no doubt that nor does the ability to write.

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  • maccarthur2004maccarthur2004 SPosts: 511Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Jean-Luc_Picard
    None of those.

    The question is between these 2. As the option 1 is present in WoW and its clones and almost nobody accuses them of being a gankfest, and if the ffa pvp ruleset with significant punishments will prevent  more ganks than option 1, therefore ffa mmos will not be necessarily gankfests.

    Simple logic.




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