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Closed Beta Key Thread



  • allendale5allendale5 kansas city, MOPosts: 124Member
    43 pages of beta key requests so far -- crap, I'll never get one.  Yes I am a pessimist.  I was going to take an Optimism class last semester but I figured it wouldn't work.  
  • AshluraAshlura Orlando , FLPosts: 113Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by allendale5
    43 pages of beta key requests so far -- crap, I'll never get one.  Yes I am a pessimist.  I was going to take an Optimism class last semester but I figured it wouldn't work.


    We have a drawing for one right now.

  • Dudek28Dudek28 Oakville, ONPosts: 223Member Uncommon
    I would very much appreciate a beta key if anyone has a spare


  • StarskinsStarskins Val-BPosts: 24Member Common

    I would really really like to have a spare beta key too!  You can mail me to


    TIA! :)

  • VestaxVestax londonPosts: 18Member Common

    I would like a key also, can trade Dota2 keys and other steam stuff.

    PM me the details if possible.



  • Sal1Sal1 Twin Cities, MNPosts: 203Member Uncommon
    Everyone can join the Closed Beta #2 that is currently running (December 20th - January ?). I don't know why the called it closed? Free players do have limitations so check there website for more information.
  • basquashbasquash MashhadPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    need beta key

  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon

    Game no longer requires a Key to beta, it should be on the website

    Because i can.
    I'm Hopeful For Every Game, Until the Fan Boys Attack My Games. Then the Knives Come Out.
    Logic every gamers worst enemy.

  • GhorikaGhorika XalkidaPosts: 8Member
    if you have a key i would like to have it :P
  • LkhagvasurenLkhagvasuren UlaanbaatarPosts: 1Member

    Gimme 1 beta key please i really want to play this game


  • ChuckanarChuckanar johnson city, TNPosts: 210Member Uncommon

    yea there are a few of us that would like one it seems


  • muthaxmuthax mondaPosts: 593Member Uncommon

    AFAIK the NA beta is now open to everybody who registered on the site.

    I have two accounts (one VIP and one normal) and I can log with both. 


  • AMI123AMI123 Warsaw, DCPosts: 1Member

    I'll be very thankful for a beta key.



  • montella1986montella1986 LoonPosts: 4Member
    I would like one. Could you please send it in pm.
  • mastersam21mastersam21 Long Beach, CAPosts: 67Member Uncommon
    Id like one too. PM please.
  • Sal1Sal1 Twin Cities, MNPosts: 203Member Uncommon
    You don't need a Beta key to play this game. I'll say it again. You don't need a Beta key to play this game. Go to there website and click the play for free button.
  • Ahil3sAhil3s Austria, ALPosts: 1Member

    I would like a key aswell pls :D

  • Scarllet429Scarllet429 Arlington, VAPosts: 4Member
    seems thatage of wushu is still in its closed beta test? Have you guys played that? i encounter one beta giveaway event on the site anyone join it? i'm thinking of taking part in it but i don't know the game age of wushu worth playing?
  • koluyoekoluyoe YangonPosts: 1Member
    I want to play Age of Wushu. I waited for too long to play this game. I want to get a key. I can't buy any of elite or delux edition from my country. I am from Myanmar ( one of the country from south east asia). So would anyone share CBT2 key or unlimited playing time account (if u don't want to play anymore), please? Thank u very much. my mail is ""
  • 1001noidau1001noidau Ha NoiPosts: 1Member

    Thanks for your apply 1 age gushu code is?

    mail: class.cd6dh @

  • TrevariTrevari Castle Rock, COPosts: 1Member
    I would love to get a beta test code for this game.  I used to play the original a while back and this remake is very good looking, but I don't like the fact that they limit your game play without the beta code.  It makes it so much harder to get things done.
  • OlafTheStoutOlafTheStout NilfheimPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Damn to late!! Every Beta Key event is over.

    Would be great if someone could help me out with a AGE of Wulin Key =)

  • twisterstwisters elmahala elkubra, ARPosts: 1Member
     need key pls
  • DarbeliTrDarbeliTr IstanbulPosts: 10Member Uncommon
    ? would like to get key for Age of Wulin.
  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Somewhere in nowherePosts: 2,426Member Uncommon

    If anyone is looking for keys to Age of Wulin (European version): grab one here

    There are still over a thousand left at the time of my posting. You also don't really need to like them on facebook.

    Feel free to use my referral link for SW:TOR if you want to test out the game. You'll get some special unlocks!

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