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Absolute Force Online: Weapon Pack Key Handout!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,205Administrator Uncommon

Absolute Force Online (AFO) successfully launched its Open Beta on Dec.19th. To reward all the players that love Shooting games and support AFO, Netdragon Websoft Inc. is giving away a Weapon Pack which can help you enjoy this game better. Get your item key now while supplies last!

The Open Beta Weapon Pack Includes:

  1. M4 (Stripe): The M4 5.56mm Carbine is heavily used by the U.S military. It is a gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed, selective fire, shoulder-fired weapon with a telescoping stock.

  2. M1911: Specially designed for the United States Marine Corps, the Desert Warrior is a custom model M1911 pistol, which is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated handgun. The features of excellent accuracy and extremely high reliability make this pistol a heroic weapon in any environment.

  3. M24 Grenade: The M24 Grenade was the standard hand grenade of the German Army from the end of World War I until the end of World War II. The very distinctive appearance led to its being called a `stick grenade`, or a `potato masher` in British Army slang, and is today one of the most easily recognized infantry weapons of the 20th century.


  1. Event Duration: PST Dec 28th 2012 - Jan 31st 2013.

  2. Once account can only activate one code.

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  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

    For those thinking about trying this game - don't


    1. NetDragon/91/TQ are the biggest moneygrubbers in the entire china, so don't expect to get anywhere without paying A LOT.  They are known for stomping out mediocre games to grab quick cash from unaware who enter them. 
    2. The company does not care about hacking or balance so you will have matches full of people shooting through walls, aimbotting, or just generally hack-killing you
    3. No balance at all - as of this moment, game is ruled by those using sniper riffles(because game has pretty much no waepon feedback or recoil, using them is hell of easy) and loli-characters with machineguns, 
    4. Because of 1,2 and 3, EVERY match you will join WILL end up in a futile zerg-fest against one player who just will sit and spawn-camp kill tens of players on your side.
    Overall - avoid this scam-game at all costs, there are a lot of better tps/fps games in the market(ex:Blacklight Retribution)


  • aRtFuLThinGaRtFuLThinG MelbournePosts: 1,265Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Yuui
    For those thinking about trying this game - don't

     I don't think you need to worry lol. At the moment I think a significant portion of the f2p mmofps market will be dominated Planetside 2 for at least a bit longer.


    This game will get very little attention in comparison.

  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon

    Another FPS that seems to be a MMORPG.



  • corpusccorpusc Chattanooga, TNPosts: 1,332Member Uncommon

    does this game actually have ANYthing in common with MMOs?

    any open world areas?

    The End
    i don't expect to like Darkfall, altho i may like it MORE than other MMOs. i know it is gonna have a very frustrating level of grind to it, even if its significantly less than most. waiting for a pure FAST action virtual world. dice rolling & character levels (even "skills") IN COMBAT should have never carried over from pencil & paper to a computer that can reasonably model 3D spaces and objects

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